Custom Developed Established sites, 50,000+ words quality content, Generating Good traffic
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Custom Developed Established sites, 50,000+ words quality content, Generating Good traffic

I really apologize , if you were expecting a nice looking squeeze page. If you are looking for professional sites with traffic, Strong social media presence HQ content, Properly marketed website with strong online presence, then read on.
If you are looking for $100 cheap websites( BS templates) , then please move on.

Why our Sites are So Great...

1. Everything builtup
These sites are already built, and have been for some time. We have our inhouse team of 18 amazing warriors consisting of Inbound marketers, Outbound marketers, Professional designers, Content writers, Customer support executives and sales person, who will ready to help you out as soon as you any website from us.

Since they're already built, you don't need to wait a month for us to complete the sites. They're live, and ready to be transferred to your possession.

3. 50,000 Words Content
Just like a premium site, we've loaded these ones with content. This is the standard mixture of informational articles, review articles, and top 10 posts. The niches are different for different sites. All the articles are written by writers who also take help from various other sources. In short, they will be all plagiarism free.

3.Not designed on wordpress
Yeah you read that right. Most of our websites are not designed on wordpress. We believe Wordpress is a good CMS but it lacks flexibility and professional look. You will notice that most of the good sites are not build on wordpress. So, our designers
have designed the homepage of Elementor framework, You can check the quality of the design and compare it with other wordpress sites, You will know the difference. Moreover Wordpress sites are slow and due to that, it takes time for them to rank on search engines. Our websites built on elementor framework, makes the site homepage load quickly and provide good user experience.

4.Social Media Accounts
We will give you the login details for social media accounts belonging to the sites. All of the social media accounts were managed by our inhouse team of social media marketers, and the Fb page, Twitter and instagram accounts have enough fans
and followers count. All the accounts are well maintained and content is posted on them on daily basis.

All the websites are getting good amount of traffic via different channels. We have our inhouse team of inbound marketers, who have struggled hard to get traffic to these sites, but over time it has become easier to gain traction, with the quality design and content on the site. The traffic ranges from 10k per month to 30k per month on each of our webstes but there are few websites which are new and have low traffic.

6. Monetization
There are few websites which are making money while a few websites are yet to be monetized.

7. What about after sales support?
We offer extensive and high quality after sales support.We will take care of the entire transfer process for you and we will also place your ads if you want us to.
So the site will be completely ready to start earning you money when we hand it over.
We will allot of dedicated VA to you as soon as you buy the website from us, who will help you with everything regarding transfer work, Setting up the website ad codes, accounts etc.

8. Can i outsource all the work to your team.
Yes, why not. We have some nominal charges for it though. Article writing costs $1 per article. Social media management, Posting content, Doing onpage SEO, Managing the complete website and all the stuffs can be outsourced for as less than $50 per month. We have a seperate thread for it , if you want to have a look at that, you can drop me a pm.

9. Do you have marketing solutions to get the website make money and how much is the potential.
Though i cannot say of the potential of any website, as it depends on the quality of the site. You can discuss about the revenue generation from our marketing team via skype before buying any website.

10. Refund policy?
Though until now, no client has ever asked us for refund as all of the sites we have sold till now are doing excellent in terms of traffic and revenue generation. Once you have decided on a site, we have transferred it and you have accepted it, we will not give any refunds.

11. Where is the website list, Price and other details.
I have included a Google spreadsheet, containing all the details of the site we are selling along with Traffc, Any revenue, Content, social media presence etc. So don't forget to check it out before asking for sites list.

Note: I won't be answering queries regarding monetization, being added to GA and anthing i have already told above.All the data on the spreadsheet is correct and genuine. If you want my previous clients to give a feedback, i will ask them , and they will let you know about the experience.

12. Do you provide training

13. Do you have any bonus.
No, giving bonusses is BS. I am not trying to sell a F***ed up product.

14. Whats the link of your other thread
Provided at the bottom of this post

15. Will you also provide hosting?
Yes, every website has its own Cpanel, Hosting panel which is already paid off for the next 1 year. So you don't have to buy seperate server for it to host. However if you still want to move the site to your existing server and let the hosting go waste, its your wish.

Each site includes all features listed below:

​1- Transfer the site to you for free
2- Transfer the domain name to you
3- Hand you all the passwords and logins
4- An Android App of the website( If any)
5- Full ownership of social media accounts
6- A mailing list of all the current subscribers.
7- Website tech support
8- Full after sale support via Skype/Email

1- Someone who has the budget and wants a massive head start.
2- Someone who wants to outsource as much as possible.
3- Someone who is ready to start right away.
4- Someone who is committed to success and ready to work for it.

1- Someone who wants to learn it all themselves. As i said , i don't provide any training
2- Someone on a tight budget. If you don't have a budget to spend few hundred dollars to buy or invest, its not for you.
3- Someone impatient for success.
4- Someone who is just curious about affiliate marketing and revenue generation. I won't entertain anyone asking random questions about dozens of things. The plan is simple, however any good query will be answered immediately and ill add them to the FAQ section too.

Website List with all details: Click here
Signup from here
Skype: Click here to connect
Testimonials: Read here

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