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joaquin112 11th March 2019 01:31 PM

Selling Online Business With Over $4,000 Revenue ($2,500 Profit) Per Month
This business was established in early 2018 and makes money by selling discount codes for businesses. There are now over 113 customers many who buy on a monthly basis.

Here are two videos I made to explain the business, including revenue information:



How does your business make money?

On the difference between what I acquire the codes for and what I sell them for. I have over twenty providers for the product, so it becomes very simple to negotiate the price. This is a digital product and there's no shipping/tracking needed. Everything is automated.

Why should someone buy this business?

It's very simple to operate, has high profit margins and has an e-mail list of customers many of whom buy on a monthly basis. Others buy every couple of months. The key here is repeat customers. The business also comes with over 1700 prospects, to whom I send a daily e-mail. Many of these prospects end up becoming long-term customers as they are all interested in the product I'm selling. Everything is operated via PayPal which makes it very simple to buy/sell codes. The profit margin is also over 60%. Depending on supply of the product, it can go as high as 75%. It's possible to acquire the codes yourself for a much lower cost in order to increase margins further.

How can the future owner improve this business?

There are many ways in which this business can be improved.

1) Split testing the existing sales funnel, so that conversion are increased.

2) Improving the e-mail sequence so that more people buy.

3) Finding more traffic sources (SEO, etc.)

4) Selling different kinds of codes.

5) Increasing average revenue per user.

Items included with the purchase:

Stock worth over $2,000.

Buyers list of over 113 buyers.

Prospects list of over 1750 prospects.

Domain name.

Hosting account.

E-mail account on MailChimp.

List of 20 service providers.

Post-sale support until you're satisfied with your purchase.

Payment can be made via Escrow.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message here or contact me on Skype. My username is ngi112. We can also schedule a phone call if you're interested.


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