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RoyChan 13th March 2019 07:47 AM

Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Content Samurai Review and Killer Bonuses::

April 1, 2019 update: 74% discount!

Get a discount on the Content Samurai annual plan (just $297 instead of $397) by first getting the Ultimate Youtube SEO Cheatcheat. After checking out the Blueprint, you will get oppotunity to buy the $3 Question Samurai. Then, you will be presented with an offer to get Content Samurai for just $35/m or $297 for the whole year (which is $24.75/m, half off the regular monthly price).

>> Free YouTube SEO Cheat-sheet:

Or, you may check out The 7-day free trial to experience the amazing software:
Create Stunning Videos Fast | Content Samurai...

Or get your discount link here:

Get your 7 day free trial:
>> Create Stunning Videos Fast | Content Samurai

>> Discount link:

What is Content Samurai?

Content Samurai is a cloud-based video software that creates professional-looking videos in minutes. It takes all of the features of some of the best video makers in the market and combines them into an newbie friendly software that every internet marketer or small business owner needs.

Who is it for?
- It's designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of video marketing to boost their business online.
- Internet marketer
- Affiliate marketer
- Ecommerce
- Content producer
- Blogger
- Anyone who wants to use video to promote their businesses

Who is it not for?
- People who want to get rich quick online.

Level of Skills
- Newbie Friendly

Content Samurai is the flagship product of an well established Austrialian Company called "Alliance Software group". Market Samurai is their earlier product which has very good reputation in the marketing industry. If you are new to internet marketing, you may want to check out Market Samurai:

Keyword Analysis Research - Market Samurai

Content Samurai is an intuitive, easy and step-by-step video marketing platform or software that , turn your existing blog posts or pre-written articles into professional-looking videos, in just a few mouse clicks.

My Personal Experience WIth Content Samurai

I have been using Content Samurai for 6 months now, and I have created over 30 videos by using this software alone. Why did I use it?

English is my second language, and I had the greatest fear when I had to speak English to my intended audience, so I kept searching for a tool that would help my video marketing needs.. At first, I was sceptical of Content Samurai. How good can a video creator be with a robotic voice?

I needed a video marketing software that does all the speaking for me.

I had to take a further look because I knew video marketing is the future. I could not stand my own English accent. When I heard there was a software that could serve all my video needs without me saying a word or showing my face, I was intrigued.

The introvert side of me took over, although many people thought that my accent was "acceptable." Yet, I did not want to show my face.

Content Samurai was exactly what I needed. Not only does it provide a very robust video marketing system, it also teaches me how to structure and create good looking videos which impress upon on the audience.

Content Samurai is a very good piece of software for anyone starting out doing video marketing.

I highly suggest you check out their 7 day free trial in the link below.

Create Stunning Videos Fast | Content Samurai...

Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses! Bonuses! (Over $1k! Value)

If you want to read a complete review of Content Samurai, click the link below:

I love the software so much that I've included 7 additional bonuses that filled the gaps that the software could not do.

BONUS #1 - How To Explode Your Youtube Channel ($197)
-> This tutorial teaches you how a Super Affiliate grew his Youtube channel from 0 to over 50K subscribers!

BONUS #2 - How To Get Unique Content On Your Pages ($147 Value)
-> You need content. Unique content for your video production in Content Samurai. This training tutorial teaches you how to get FREE unique content.

BONUS #3 - Access Over 500K Royalty Free Background Music Tracks ($197 Value)
-> Content Samurai comes with high quality music tracks. However, if you want to expand your music tracks to match your different video needs. This tutorial shows you how you can get 500k free music tracks.

BONUS #4 - How to Make $100/ Day From Your Laptop With Free Traffic
-> If you are new internet marketer and have not reached the $100 per day mark. This is the tutorial for you.

BONUS #5 - Bonus Tutorial - From Broke to $100k ($297)
-> If you are more advanced and would like to grow a 100k per month, I've included an advanced tutorial for your sharpening your saw :)

================================================== ========
Limited Bonuses:

(I will remove this Limited Bonus section soon as too many people access to these 2 bonuses will devalue the value of it. Besides, I will need to craft the bonuses individually)

Limited Bonuses #1: (Limited to 10 persons)

I created a tutorial showing you how I earned $399.6 with just 1 Content Samurai video of 3 minutes and 21 seconds, with nothing but a copy of Content Samurai. I will even show you the exact video which will enable
to copy and paste my formula.

Limited Bonuses #2: (Limited to 5 persons)

I will create a professional custom video intro and outro for you. It would have cost you at least $200, if you were to do these yourself. I want to make your videos as professional as it could be with Content Samurai!

================================================== ====

I hope you've enjoy my review and find it uniquely helpful.

Thank you for your time :)

Check out the 7-day free trial below:

Create Stunning Videos Fast | Content Samurai


P.S. Should you consider purchasing Content Samurai, please send me the receipt to toroychan (at) gmail.com or give me a private message to access your bonuses. Thanks for your kind consideration of my offer.

Get your free trial today (no credit card required)

Create Stunning Videos Fast | Content Samurai

RoyChan 15th March 2019 03:32 AM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Reserved for FAQ:

1. How much is Content Samurai?

Ans: When it was first laucnhed, Content Samurai was sold at $97 per month.

As more and more people are using the software (7,000+ at the time of writing), the company has managed to reduce the price to $47 per month.

If you check out my 7 day trial link below, you may even enjoy additional lifetime discount upgrade during the 7 day free trial period.

See the current pricing below:


Or you may get the discount link here:


2. It still seems expensive. Are there any one-time offer/ alternative for Content Samurai?

Ans: Personally, I don't like subscription product neither. However, the asking price of the software is fair, as no software come close to Content Samurai. Yet, feel free to check around and compare with other video marketing tools.

I have not found any software that offers the same level of quality of videos like Content Samurai. Other copycats pretend they have similar functions, but once you buy them, you will be offered 10+ upsells and cross-sells, which end up paying a lot more. Worse, they don't have the same level of quality as Content Samurai does.

Those people are marketers for the money. These products get stale quickly. And the same marketers (I won't name names) would come back a few months later and repackage the products and do another launch.

Content Samurai has a different mentality. it's here to stay.

I bought a lot of video marketing products myself. Instead of offering you a cheap front end product, the Company offers a quality product that with full support. There is no other software quite like Content Samurai in the market place.

2. Can you show me some of the videos that you've created with Content Samurai?

Ans: Yes, please see below and fast forward to 8m30s.

If you simply want to see the demo video.

It's just my demonstration of how I created the video from scratch using the article you see in the main post above.

3. Why are you offering all these bonuses? What's in it for you?

Ans: I am an affiliate marketer for the Company of Content Samurai, and I get a commission if you decide to purchase it through my link. I have been using the product for 5 months now before becoming an affiliate for it. As a user, I can provide all the tips that you need in order to help you to get a hang on the software quickly and easily. You don't pay any extra. It's the very same software that you would directly buy from the Company.

Since I have been using the product, I know what the software lacks that you need, hence my bonuses.

4. What are the bonuses that you are providing?

Ans: You may check my first video above to see what those bonuses are. In summary, those bonuses are hand-picked to supplement your video marketing needs.

5. I am still very skeptical about your offer. It seems too good to be true. Can I have a free trial?


Ans: Yes, you can have a 7 day free trial account without the need for you to provide any credit card information. During the 7 day period, you may consider upgrading and get additional lifetime discount of the software.

Here is the link: http://huburl.com/contentsamurai-ft

6. What if I don't like the software? Can I cancel?

Ans: Yes, you can do so anytime. No questions asked.

7. What are some of the things that you don't like and you are not telling me in the description or the video above?

Ans: Err... that's a hard one. Nothing major I'd add. However, if we have to be picky, I'd say it's the robotic voice. Some people don't like robotic voices. Yet, for a person whose English is second language, I could not speak any better, even if my life depends on it.

A funny story to share:

Before Content Samurai, I asked a UK lady to do a demo voice over for me for one of my video, as I was curious about the robotic voice. I asked her whether she could produce the voice over for me, similar to the one generated by Content Samurai.

This is how she replied me:

"I am afraid I may not sound anywhere close to this (Content Samurai's robotic generated) voice myself!"

That simply tells you how good the Content Samurai is.

8. What can I use Content Samurai for?

Ans: There are a lot of usages for Content Samurai. Personally, I use Content Samurai to create content on Youtube. I put in some PLR articles and blog post into Content Samurai. It gives me short videos which I then upload them to Facebook, Youtube and other social platform for edutainment (Education + Entertainment).

They create engaging content for my audience, far better than words alone.

9. How can I use Content Samurai to make money quickly?

Ans: I don't believe in get-rich-quick scheme/ program. If I promise you to have quick and fast results, then you should probably run away.

That being said, I do make good money using the software. I said, "using" the software and not "selling" the software.

In my bonuses #6, I will show you exact how I use Content Samurai to generate $399.6 with just ONE 3 minutes 21 seconds long video, without paying for ads. I have created more than 50 videos with Content Samurai...

It is a piece of software good for affiliate marketing, especially if English is not our first language.

10. What are some of the other costs that I have to pay for Content Samurai apart from the subscription of content samurai?

Ans: Nothing.

Yet, if you want to make professional intro and outro with your video, then you may want to pay someone to do so. Because of this very reason, I will custom create an intro and outro for you, if you buy Content Samurai (Limited bonus #2).

It will be a professional one using a software that I bought for $197.

It's my exclusive bonus that you cannot find elsewhere. I will craft and design your intro and outro video exclusive for you. I will remove this bonus soon.

11. I still don't know what Content Samurai is. Can you do a demonstration for me?

Content Samurai Official

12. Okay, I get it, but I still have a lot of questions...

Ans: Sure, please submit them below. I will answer them for you.

Lastly, since you are here already, why not create a free trial account and test it out yourself?

I wish you all the best. :)


RoyChan 15th March 2019 11:29 AM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Content Samurai Official Demonstration Video: 5 Steps Process of How to Create Your VIdeo:

RoyChan 16th March 2019 07:59 AM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
If you have tons of PLR articles in your hard drive, here is a good demonstration how to use them with Content Samurai >>

P.S. If you buy Content Samurai via my link, I will also provide PLR articles for you (see my bonuses above) :)

RoyChan 20th March 2019 06:00 AM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Content Samurai Not Ony Made Video Marketing Simple...

It can also generate you an income from the comfort of your home.

In case you missed it, the guys at Noble Samurai just uploaded a free replay of their recent How To Kickstart Your Own Video Agency At Home webinar:

In the webinar they interviewed Julie Opperman and Franky Surroca, who are both running successful Video Agencies from home!

Julie and Franky lifted the lid on their Video Agency Businesses and revealed:

- The best ways to find clients when you’re getting started
- How much to charge clients for your videos
- The biggest obstacle for people starting out (And how to overcome it!)
- And much much more!

Why this is a massive opportunity (even if you don’t make videos yet)...

Right now businesses around the world are struggling to find new clients because their old traditional

forms of marketing (Like newspaper and radio ads) simply no longer work...

This means there is now a massive opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs, and work from home moms to create social media videos for local businesses and start a Video Agency at home.

I’m excited to share this opportunity with you...

But this is the LAST time I’ll remind you about the webinar replay, so watch it now while it’s still available:


After the webinar, should you decide to pick up a copy of content samurai, please PM me for the link to download all my bonuses for your agency's needs.


RoyChan 23rd March 2019 05:38 AM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Demo video of the 10 Day Challenge by Using Content Samurai:


RoyChan 9th April 2019 09:43 PM

Re: Content Samurai Review & FREE Bonuses - Video Marketing Made Simple
Yet another video created by Content Samurai titled: "How to create a funnel in 10 days with ease"


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