$10,000 worth of Business Data - Cleaned & Verified in February 2019
oida 2 years ago

$10,000 worth of Business Data - Cleaned & Verified in February 2019

Get US Business Data by State, SIC Code Data, Shopify Store Owners, Click Funnel Owners, etc...with email addresses

LeadRabbit Data is now $500 on the website. But I am offering this data at the discount price of $125! SAVE 75%
<span style="box-sizing: border-box; max-width: 100%; font-size: 13px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;">Normal price is $500 - </span><strong style="box-sizing: border-box; max-width: 100%; font-size: 13px; font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;">See Lead Rabbit Retail Price[/b]
You will receive the following:
  • 23 Million US Businesses Database
  • 300 Million Global Domain Leads Database
  • 1.2 Million Realtors Emails
  • 150,000 Home Builders And Constructors Emails
  • 15,000 CPS $ Accounting Emails
  • 19,000 Veterinarian and Animal Hospitals Emails
  • 230,000 US Physicians Emails
  • 11,654 Chiropractors Emails
  • 21,000 Loan Officers Emails
  • 37,000 Dentists Emails
  • 20,000 Insurance Agents and Brokers Emails
  • 50,000+ Websites Built On Clickfunnels
  • 120,000 Clickfunnels Group Members
  • 70,000 Shopify Stores by spend, store type, country, state, etc...All Live Shopify Sites and Shopify PLUS email database
Here are some examples of what you would pay for this data:

Also included, are several video tutorials discussing the following:
1) Cold Email - 10 Word email that gets them to respond and personalized emails
2) Custom Audiences - Uploading your list to Pinterest, Gmail, Adwords, YouTube, and of course Facebook.

Please Note:
1)You WILL receive updates to this data as the Tier5 Team releases them.
2) No the upsell of software isn't included (it hasn't even been release yet)
3)Yes you may resell...of course, it's data! This data is being sold per State on other sites for an average price of $300!

Due to the nature of this purchase, all sales are FINAL. Dude, its data once you get the link to the files, it's a done deal
  • How old is this Data?

    All of the data was cleaned and verified in February of 2019. See the video on the LeadRabbit.io site for more details.

  • Delivery time?

    Please give me time as I send the link manually. You should receive your order within 6-8 hours after payment. Give me a little leeway for sleep:)

  • Do I get updates?

    As long as the Tier5 group sends me updates, you will receive them with the download link. The last update was April 15th which included the addition of 150,000 Clickfunnel group members, which is great for look alike audiences for Facebook advertising too.

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    Is this legit and legal?? To sell others data. Isn't it against GDPR
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    • Profile picture of the author oida
      Yes it is legal. This is business data purchased from compliant sources listed above that have been in business for years. Their whole business model is selling of business data., like other data sources such as NAICS.com, Acxiom.com, etc...

      The only difference is you will pay a significantly higher price. In the thousands.
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  • Profile picture of the author makemoneyz
    "50,000+ Websites Built On Clickfunnels" - are those only active CF users or also sites that host CF content but are paused?
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    • Profile picture of the author oida
      These are sites that are hosted on ClickFunnels with owner contact information. You also get list of FB group members with emails addresses.. They may still use ClickFunnels or at one time were interested in it.

      This is the information you receive for Shopify and Clickfunnel sites as the owner/admin provides:

      Here is the data you get for Shopify stores:
      Domain Name
      Tech Spend
      Company Vertical
      Quantcast, Alexa and Majestic Ratings
      Telephone #
      Email Address
      Social Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instgram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc...)
      Company Address
      First Detected
      Last Found
      First Indexed
      Last Indexed
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