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Looking for partners to re-sell betting content
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Hi, my name is Jason and for the past 6 years, I have created Basketball algorithms used for sports betting, I focus on NBA and WNBA games. I have had one of my algorithms made into a predictive web app that contains a database with 16,000 NBA games. All predictions and betting results are available for public use. Sharing this information is not an issue, it does not affect my betting in a negative way as no one can see the actual calculations, just the end result. It brings me a great opportunity to make extra money for the work I have already put in

This service has a unique feature, that will automatically email bets to all clients each hour between 9.30am - 6.30pm Eastern USA time. So if you have a group of clients who prefer to receive their emails at 3.30pm - those selected clients will receive bets at that timeslot. If you have clients who prefer to receive their bets at 6.30pm - same applies. The web app also publishes a record sheet with each email sent and is recorded for each timeslot as odds, handicaps and results will differ for each timeslot. Everything is automated and is tailored for the most personal experience for each subscriber.

Currently, I run 2 servers that host the web app. The first server quotes a bookmaker's odds who accepts winners and has very high limits and is very easy to use. They accept clients from every country except for the USA and the UK. The second server quotes an Australian bookmaker who has similar values, but slightly fewer odds thanks to the Australian government taxes. I made the decision to host an Australian server because not many Australians wanted to sign up to the international bookmaker I spoke about above.

I am also willing to make servers that quote UK and USA friendly bookmakers upon request. As long as the bookmaker does not ban winners and holds values that are fair to the punter then I am happy to make the server quote their odds.

I am seeking partners who are wanting to re-sell the email content to their own clients. You will receive a login to the web app which has a feature where you can input your own client's emails at their selected timeslot. You do not have to offer every timeslot, that is up to you. for WNBA I would suggest the 9.30am timeslot because they provide the best results, and for NBA I would suggest using either the 4.30/5.30/6.30pm timeslot. You will also have access to all web app servers to suit clients from different continents where the bookmakers have a licence to operate legally in that country/continent.

A brief picture demonstration of how you would input their emails.

Click on the emails section circled to add in emails.

Select new group, add a group name and add any timeslots you wish to email the clients at

then click import emails, add the email to the box and then select OK. That's it!
You can create as many groups as you want, records are emailed with each email for each timeslot.

Regarding costs, I charge per head (email) and you need a minimum of 10 clients, or at least pay for 10 clients worth monthly. I do not charge an arm and a leg, it's fairly cheap considering you pay per client. The first 2 weeks are free and then to continue you must pay either the minimum monthly fee and your current clients worth.

To apply, please fill out the application and email me at, I will then respond with both this email and my business email, I do not want to post my business email public here.

-Business info. - example: Business name, Business target (selling picks, reviews, affiliate links etc)
-Proof of website or twitter ownership, whichever your preferred selling platform is. Proof of website would be to create a private page for me to view with the title "basketball web app application" proof of twitter would just be to send me a twitter message.
-expected number of clients
-Business geographical target - example: Europe, worldwide etc.

This is a great opportunity to easily provide basketball content to your clients. This is also extremely beneficial for myself to find gain clients through your partnership and allow me to work on my Basketball algorithms and content instead of admin work and SEO.

NBA has a few days left, but WNBA is just getting started. WNBA provides better investment opportunities compared to NBA because no one pays attention to WNBA which provides opportunities for sharper players to make good money.

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