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[$50 Off] Top Marketer Reveals How to Earn a Steady, Recurring Income by Sending Leads to Realtors!
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$50 Off for 3 Days Only - Special Sale Lasts Until 7-7-2019

Brand New & Updated for June 2019

This is one of THE fastest & easiest ways I've EVER earned an income online...
"Ad Agency Owner Shows You Why Using Facebook to Collect Leads for Real Estate Agents is One of the Fastest & Easiest Ways to Earn a Consistent, Recurring Monthly Income Online!"
For a limited time, you can use the SAME system I use in my marketing agency to send leads to realtors and get paid VERY well to do it.

You'll get a Facebook ad, squeeze page, Lead Magnet, Thank You Page, and three follow-up emails that are set up to get realtors paying you monthly for leads you send them!

This funnel is brand-new, done FOR you, and modeled after the successful one I'm using at my ad agency. If you can log into Facebook and choose the targeting options I GIVE you... you can use this system to make a monthly recurring income... starting as soon as tonight!

Dear Fellow Warrior,

After 20 years of running five VERY successful
online businesses...

I can tell you with absolute certainty why MOST people
have trouble making ANY money online:

** They don't know WHAT to do or HOW to do it.**

Because of that, it's just guessing for most people.

So what's the solution?

Well, after 20 years of starting and running one
successful business after another...

It all comes down to having a SYSTEM.

A proven SYSTEM is something you cant plug in,
turn on, and see the results you want, like clockwork.

So let me ask...

Could you log into Facebook ads and click on some
of the specific targeting options I give you?

Could you upload some pre-made content I give you
and then put it on a web site?

Could you "copy and paste" a list of leads who opt in
to get a free report (that I'll write FOR you)...

And then email those leads to real estate agents
who will gladly PAY you for them?

If you answered "Yes" to those 3 things... you have ALL the
skills and experience needed to make a consistent, recurring
monthly income sending leads to real estate agents!

It's true! Here's the deal...

My name is Shawn Lebrun and I've been a successful direct
response copywriter and internet marketer for over 19 years.

I'm proud to say I was named one of the 182 Greatest copywriters
of the Internet Age by Joey Bushnell and

I've written copy for Chris Munch, Ewen Chia, Mike Dillard, Lee
McIntyre, Maria Forleo, Ryan Deiss, and HUNDREDS of other
well-known marketing experts.

And because this message is about real estate agents, here's one
of T.V's most famous realtors that I had the pleasure of helping...

Josh is star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing LA and is just one
of the many real estate agents I've worked with.

My sales copy has done WELL over 9-figures in sales (and counting)
worth of products and services for myself and clients in the last 19 years.

I have one sales letter STILL online that has sold over 25,395 copies
of my Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded eBook.

I've written 7 sales letters that are currently in the top 10 on Clickbank,
including HowtoBreak80, EjaculationbyCommand, CriticalBench, and more.

And for the last 10 years, I've been helping local businesses and service
providers with the ONE thing they ALL need...

Getting Qualified Leads!

If You Can Get Leads for Service Providers...
You Can Make a VERY Good Income for Yourself!

After all, service providers need a steady flow of prospects if
they want to STAY in business.

The problem? MOST service providers like dentists, chiropractors,
and real estate agents don't know HOW to get a steady flow of leads.

Sure, they're great at fixing teeth, fixing backs, and selling houses.

But marketing? Not so much.

And because they're not great at the marketing part... that's where
YOU come in!

If you can provide a steady source of leads to them... you'll
be seen as the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs!

In other words, you'll become a NECESSITY to them!

And it's why ANY service provider who depends on leads is a
virtual goldmine to you. They're just waiting to pay you if you
can send prospects their way.

I've had chiropractors, dentists, insurance salespeople, and other
service providers pay me VERY well each month to run simple
Facebook ads that collect and send them leads.

But out of ALL service providers I help at my ad agency... ONE is
the easiest to provide and get paid well for leads:

Real estate agents!

Believe me, when you harness the power of Facebook ads, you can
pinpoint specific areas that realtors want to work in.

Even better, you can set up a funnel that collects motivated and qualified
leads from those exact areas...

Leads That Realtors Will Pay You Monthly For!

I have real estate agents paying me $2,500, $3,500, and $5,000
per month, each and every month, to send them leads.


I don't have to call anyone or do anything "hands on".

I just let my Facebook ad and Opt in Page do the work...
collecting leads that realtors pay me for each month!

And guess what?

Because MOST realtors don't have the time to learn Facebook ads
and don't know HOW to use them effectively... they'll gladly pay
YOU to get leads FOR them.

After all, real estate agents can't sell houses without first getting
prospects and leads.

And using Facebook's targeting options, you can single out those
who are thinking of moving, first time home buyers, renters, investors,
and more.

Let me Show You How to Get Paid to
Collect Leads for Real Estate Agents!

I work with local realtors here in Maine.

But since this is one of the fastest and easiest ways for ANYONE
to get online and earning an income... I wanted to get this system into
the hands of those who live and work OUTSIDE of Maine.

That's why I created a NEW sales funnel for those who want
to get PAID monthly to collect and send leads to real estate agents.

It's quick and easy because I HAND you a "Done For You" sales
funnel and turn-key marketing campaign.

And since this "Ready to Use" sales funnel was written by a world
class copywriter with almost 20 years experience... you can be sure
it converts.

In other words... I GIVE you ALL of the content needed to get realtors
as clients.

That's not all. Once you land realtors as clients, you need to deliver
leads to them, right?

Well, that's why l give you 3 funnel pieces you can use to collect potential
seller and buyer leads for your real estate agent clients!

Again, you literally get EVERYTHING you need to get started tonight.

This funnel works because it PROVES, by demonstrating the Facebook
ad process
, that they can count on you to send a steady supply of leads...

Leads The Realtors Will Gladly Pay For!

When you invest in my complete, "done-for-you" lead generation funnel
for real estate agents... you'll get:

1. Facebook Ad that Gets the Attention of Realtors

I created your Facebook ad so it STANDS OUT and gets noticed
by real estate agents.

These will be YOUR clients who you help.

And yes, you can easily FIND and REACH real estate
agents with Facebook ads. I'll show you how to do it.

Grab this funnel NOW and I'll also help you with the Facebook ad
targeting for this niche, including the demographics and interests.

That way, there's ZERO guesswork.

2. Squeeze Page that Offers a Free Report to Realtors

Like your Facebook ad... the key to ATTRACTING realtors is
by HELPING them get what they want... which is qualified leads.

With this funnel, you offer them a free report that PROVES you
can help them get prospects for their real estate business.

Whether it's getting leads who want to SELL their home or
leads looking to buy a home...

You'll know EXACTLY how to get a steady stream
of leads for your real estate agent clients.

3. The Free Report Sent to Realtors

This free report that I've written FOR you demonstrates
EXACTLY how you're able to collect and send quality leads.

By demonstrating the entire method, you PROVE
to realtors that you can help them.

Believe me, after working with thousands of realtors, MOST
do NOT know how to use Facebook ads to get leads.

And even if they were able to guess pieces of it, there's no
way they have the persuasive copy skills I have.

This free report pre-sells realtors and gets them wanting
to use your lead-generation service.

Real estate agents will pay you a monthly fee if you're able
to generate a consistent flow of leads to them.

With my funnel, it's a piece of cake.

4. Thank You Page

On the thank you page... we have the realtor set up
a phone call, Skype chat, or even Facebook Messenger
to inquire about using your lead-generation services.

If you're currently using Facebook ads to help clients
get leads, this entire process will be simple for you.

Just take my funnel content, upload it, and away you go.

If you've never gotten leads for real estate agents or ANY
service provider... you can still succeed with this.

First of all, I'll send you step by step instructions on how to
position yourself so experience is NEVER questioned.

It's not questioned because this funnel PRE-SELLS realtors
and demonstrates that you've got the skills to deliver what they
need... which are more leads!

By using PROOF and demonstration throughout this funnel...
you're piggy-backing off my experience and showing prospects
you have the skills needed to help them get leads.

So believe me, you CAN succeed with this, as long as you
follow my directions.

5. Follow up Emails


The FREE report and Thank You Page pre-sells real estate
agents on WANTING to work with you.

But even still, you get a series of 3 pre-written emails that
remind the real estate agents to contact you.

This way, they keep you in mind, which dramatically boosts
your odds of getting hired and paid!

There you have the 5 parts to this ELITE-LEVEL, "Done-For-You"
marketing campaign that PROVES you can deliver leads.

Now, once you land a real estate agent as a client and have to
DELIVER leads... what do you do?

Simple: Use This Funnel I Give You Too!

When you order this lead generation "business in a box"... you'll also
get a turn-key, pre-written funnel that gets leads for your realtor clients.

Written by a world class copywriter who KNOWS the market inside
and out... you get a Facebook ad, squeeze page, and Thank you

Just like the 5-piece funnel I give you to get realtors as clients...
this 3-piece funnel is pre-built to get leads for THEM.

1. Facebook Ad that Gets the Attention of Home Sellers or Buyers

The Facebook ad ATTRACTS those who live in the areas
that your realtor clients want to get leads from.

By offering a valuable free home sales report... you catch the
attention of people who are thinking of selling their homes.

These are qualified, motivated leads that ANY real estate agent
will happily pay you for.

Grab this funnel NOW and I'll also help you with the Facebook ad
targeting for this niche, including the demographics and interests.

2. Squeeze Page

We will offer a valuable FREE home sales report
or an estimate of what their home is worth.

People who are thinking of selling their home will want
to know what their home is worth.

That's why I use it because it's a proven way to get
motivated leads to GIVE you their contact info.

When they have a chance to see what their home is worth,
they're MORE than happy to give you their name, email,
and phone number.

These are perfect leads for your real estate agent clients...
leads they'll pay you monthly for!

3. Thank You Page

On the thank you page... we give leads the option
to CALL in and get their free home sales report right
away... motivating them into taking action sooner.

This is the SAME Successful 7-Figure Funnel
I'm Currently Using at my Advertising Agency!

Believe me... realtors need leads to stay in business.

Using the power of Facebook's targeting, you can send
them a steady flow of leads AND get paid VERY well for it.

This is One of the Fastest and Easiest Ways to
Earn a Consistent, Recurring Income Each Month

I have realtors who invest $2,000 to $5,000 and more each month.

So even if you want to work with just a couple of real estate agents
each month, you can earn a decent recurring income.

And for this low of an investment, you'll never find a faster and
easier way to get online and earning a steady, even growing

If you were to hire a decent copywriter to create this same
content... you'd pay at LEAST $1,000.

But for the next 10 marketers who act now... it's just $250 for
the entire 8-piece funnel you see above.

That includes the Facebook ad, Squeeze page, Free report, Thank you
Page, and emails that get real estate agents to become YOUR clients.

Order now and you ALSO get the 3-part funnel to help your real estate
agent clients to get home seller and buyer leads.

ALL of it for just $250... allowing you to get online literally overnight.

Believe me, you won't find another ELITE-LEVEL, Done For You sales
funnel written by a world class copywriter for THIS low of a price.

This is a completely turn-key, ready-to-launch campaign that hands
you EVERYTHING you need to bring in leads almost immediately.

You Can Have your Own Lead Generation
Business Online as Soon as Tonight!

Not only that, but order now and I'll also give you step by step directions
on how to get this online and profitable for you.


And unlike most "pie in the sky" internet marketing schemes you'll likely
find online...

This is a REAL Business that Helps Real People!

I use this funnel each and every day at my ad agency here in Maine,
so you can be sure it works.

I've started and run over 2,000 Facebook ad campaigns and
spent over $1.9 million dollars of my own money on Facebook.

Not to mention, you're piggy-backing off my almost 20 years of
direct response copy and marketing experience.

You can be online as soon as tonight, helping realtors get leads.

Even better, you can get paid very well to send them leads...
ALL without creating or writing any content.

** Here's How to Save $50 Right Now **

For the next 3 days, I'm taking $50 off the price of this 5-part
lead gen system.

Instead of the regular price of $250... order now and it's yours
for just $200. This special $50 off is only good until Sunday, July 7.

If you're ready to skip the time, cost, and hassle of creating an online
business from scratch...

Just upload this content, plug in your contact info and you can
have your first real estate client soon after.

I'll walk you through getting it all online too, if you'd like.

Just one thing. If you live in Maine, you can't order this funnel.

I'm not about to put it in the hands of people who want to compete with
my agency.

If you don't live in Maine, I'd LOVE to help you and your clients
to get real estate leads.

Simply click the button below to get this funnel now...


Shawn Lebrun

P.S. I've been online for almost 20 years and have tried
just about everything.

Sure, selling products is awesome, but there's a lot of work
when it comes to constantly creating content and new products.

With this funnel, you just collect leads, send them to real estate
agents, and get paid very very well for that.

Each and every month, too.

Click below to grab this funnel now and get online as soon as tonight...

Feedback from Clients...

Some unsolicited feedback from clients I've helped...

Shawn, I've been testing your sales letter against
mine, your letter converts 104% better than mine.
Kara Oh, The Heart Whisperer

"Before hiring Shawn, I'd sell about 10 ebooks a day and make
about $670. After using Shawn's new letter, my conversion rate
doubled and now I sell about 18 to 20 ebooks a day, which is almost
an extra $700 in my pocket each day, with the same amount
of traffic. Shawn's letter made me an extra $244,550 a year,
with no extra work on my behalf.

Using Shawn has ballooned my one-man
operation into a $2.5 million company" Jim Evans

Once I used the salesletter Shawn wrote for me I made my
money back plus a lot more and the sales are still coming.
So I can say with confidence now that it's true...Shawn
doesn't cost you money... he makes you money! Paul Becker

Hi Shawn, I can say the page is converting better. Jan -
June this year had a total of 56 sales, while the same
dates for 2011 had 27 sales. I think my marketing for both
time periods was fairly similar, so good improvement. Lisa
Nelson RD,

"I've known Shawn Lebrun for over 10 years and he's been
one of my Internet Marketing mentors. He's one of the few
guys in the industry that I completely trust and I know he
has my best interest at heart. I make a passive income of
4K per month using just one tip that Shawn shared with me.

Once I found out that Shawn had an opening for a new client
I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with him.
He went above and beyond and created a masterpiece sales
letter that converted over 5-times better than the copy I
was previously using. I made back my initial investment on
this project within the first 7-hours of going live. I highly
recommend Shawn for your next project. Hiring Shawn for
your copy writing is like buying money at a discount."

Update: June 24th, 2010 "Shawn, using your newest letter...
we sold 400 copies of our $47 ebook in 5 days... so we're very
happy! Mike Westerdal Critical Bench, Inc.

"I was first introduced to Shawn when doing a live "copy
critique" webinar - people were sending me letters to critique
and I was tearing them apart. When I pulled up Shawn's sales
letter and began reading... I was rendered speechless!

I couldn't find a single thing I didn't like about it - it was a
perfect example of the type of hard-hitting writing I was
trying to teach. I immediately began using it as an example
piece, showing those on the call what TO DO to increase their
conversions and make more money. When I later found out
that the letter I was reading had already sold thousands of
dollars worth of products in a very competitive market I wasn't
the least bit surprised. Shawn has a natural talent for writing
straight-to-the-point, no B.S. copy that SELLS... and I have no
hesitation in recommending his services." Copywriter Craig

"The sales letter you wrote resulted in a 14.5% increase in
conversion rate compared to the old site." Ronnie C.

"I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn
for several months and I have nothing but great
things to say about him.

He's extremely capable, very fast... and my favorite
part.... very easy to work with. He LOVES feedback.
He takes it and runs with it. He's not happy unless his
clients are THRILLED. He is THE total package and an
absolutely rare individual.I highly recommend Shawn to
anyone who needs some great copy for their business.
You can't possibly go wrong with him!" Tina Spriggs
Business Manager at Coffee Shop Millionaire

"I'm very pleased with Shawn's work. He delivered the
letter ahead of schedule. I would say he has been the
easiest writer I've worked with. He has gone above and
beyond the call of duty in regards to marketing suggestions
and tips to maximize the use my in-house customer list,
make changes to autoresponders and basically get my
company back on track in the area of marketing.
I definitely recommend Shawn's expertise to any company
marketing online looking to increase exposure and sales."
John Cantu, Gold Star Nutrition

"Shawn was responsive and easy to work with. He answered
all my questions and was genuinely concerned with the
performance of the sales letter. Also, it was nice that he
took care of all the graphics and HTML. Before using Shawn,
I was selling roughly one eBook a week. With Shawn's
copy... I've sold two over the last two days. I feel very
comfortable recommending him." Chris Mechanic

Hi Shawn, good news the letter is working very well. I tried
testing going to our landing page first and then to your new
copy and sales started coming in. The conversion rate seems
to be increasing as time goes on. Plus now that we are using
the landing page we are getting many subscribers who are
purchasing other products we recommend from clickbank
and we are getting a few affiliate sales from others also.

Clients were selling a $47 book and coaching program. They
did 1016 total sales which includes a $47 monthly recurring for
9-months. Gross sales came to 100K with 50K a month in
recurring.recent results from Mike Westerdal and Elliot Hulse

"Hiring Shawn was the best decision I made so far. How
disastrous it would have been if I had attempted to write
my own sales copy. Not only did he complete it in less than
48 hrs, he was thoroughly educated in my field, did his own
research, used the info I gave him properly, and delivered
what I hope to be a SLAM DUNK sales letter! Not only did he
do the job and then some that I required, he provided additional
feedback to help my get my ebook off and running. Would
definitely, and will definitely use again! I just hope he'll
grandfather me in before his rates go sky high...yes, he's
that good!" Sam Prestenbach

"Shawn is the man! It's literally almost impossible to find
something bad to say about it him. He's quick, easy to
work with, and very responsive - but most important,
this guy is a NASTY copywriter. His stuff pulls." Chris Mechanic

"Once again, Shawn over delivers. This project was ahead of
schedule and right on budget. His work and abilities continue
to amaze me. I'm getting the best job for my money. If you
don't use Shawn for your Sales Copy, you need your head
examined. He is the best by far. He is a true professional.
Easy to work with, listens to the customer, knows what the
hell he is doing. If you want it done right, Id use him for any
sales letter project. Corey Lewis

"Shawn is the best copywriter I've ever worked with.
Period. Highly skillful, highly recommended. A true expert
in marketing also Thanks Shawn." Jorge Z.

"This provider is a genius! I originally hired Shawn to write
an email newsletter however I was so impressed with his work
I hired him to write the content for all of my website pages.
Trust me you won't go wrong hiring this gentleman. Excellent
sales page that he wrote for me. I have several other projects
that I will use him for again. Yasir M.

"In the past, we've been disappointed with some so called
"copywriters". But THIS provider wrote a top quality sales
letter to our specifications and delivered it ahead of schedule.
He was also the best value copywriter we've found, and did a
far better a job of understanding our needs than other providers.
Highly recommended! Mac M.

"I would recommend Shawn to anyone who needs copywriting
done. His work is above excellent and he rushed my job for me
because I needed it quick. Did all the changes without any
complaints and also made some very useful suggestions.
The best in his business. Dorothy B

Shawn did a great job. He knows marketing EXTREMELY well.
His copy was great and he gave me several ideas that will
immediately boost my profits. Plus he is easy to work with,
responds quickly and is able to talk on the phone if you have
questions. I highly recommend him. David Oliver.

brilliant work! If you are thinking of hiring Shawn then dont
hesitate and just do it. Take it from me you wont regret it .
Satisfied customer. Rich Williams

Shawn is an absolute pleasure to work with! I had a specific
vision that I wanted from my copy. Shawn related to me on
every level possible due to his extensive background. I'm not
one to believe all of the nonsense people talk about on the
internet about the millions they've earned but Shawn had
actual proof of what he was capable of doing. When everything
was delivered, it was EXACTLY what I had conjured up in my
head when I first posted the job. Shawn was polite and really
helpful all the way through. Erik S.

Hi Shawn, I absolutely LOVE it! It's late here in the UK so I'll take
a full look at it tomorrow and get back to you if I need to. Thanks
so much Shawn, I'm blown away. Gary Lea

Thank you for re-working it and going above and beyond by providing
3 alternate versions!!! I really appreciate it Wow - talk about fast
turn around! Let me say that off the bat, your style is amazing!
I really love the copy and the emails- they are brilliant! This is
what I was hoping for!

Either way, my experience with you has been nothing but positive, and for
a steal of a deal! Thanks again - This is so amazing and I'm truly thrilled!!!
Michael Rubano

Shawn, I just looked through the sales letter. It's awesome work.
Thanks very much :-) You can be sure I'll send more business
your way!Cheers, Ronnie

Ive also now read the final version you provided. Im very impressed
and think you did a terrific job. The amount of service you offer is
second to none, Shawn. I truly appreciate making it so easy for me
to access the letter.Martin Malmberg

"If you need copy for sales, this is the guy to hire!" Russell R.

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Unread 9th Jul 2019, 03:02 PM   #2
Sales Funnel Creator
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Join Date: 2009
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Thanks: 863
Thanked 2,359 Times in 867 Posts
Blog Entries: 30
Re: [$50 Off] Top Marketer Reveals How to Earn a Steady, Recurring Income by Sending Leads to Realto
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THE #1 Reason Why This Funnel Can Help You
See Results When Nothing Else has Worked...

Are you making the kind of money you want?

If not, do you EVER feel it's because you don't have
the right information?

That maybe... JUST maybe... there's one more secret left
to learn?

So yet again you buy more information... looking for the key
to the castle.

Well, that's THE reason why you're not making the kind
of money you want.

It's because you think you need ANOTHER piece of
info or one more secret
in order to succeed.

And THAT keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle that prevents
you from making money.

You keep searching for AND buying more info that keeps
you on your never-ending chase for MORE.

My #1 Key to Success Online...

But here's the truth.

Information is NOT what’s missing.

You DON'T need more info.

You don't need another course, eBook, or seminar.

Nope, you need more action.

You need something you can start SELLING.

If you continue to buy info product after info product...
you'll soon see it's a never ending process.

STOP seeking MORE knowledge.

You already possess MORE than enough information
to succeed.

Instead, start SELLING. Take action and get offers
out that bring value to people.

That's is why I offer these funnels.

Everything is done for you, so there's no waiting
or trying to absorb more info.

Instead, you get the content you need to get online and
selling... even as soon as tonight.

And it's the SELLING that makes you money.

So please, if you want something you can use right away to
start SELLING, this funnel gets you online and selling FAST.

Dave B. bought one of my earlier funnels.

And because of that, made money right away... money that he
used to invest in this real estate lead gen funnel...

You get the 5-part funnel to get real estate agents as your clients,
and you get the 3-part funnel to get leads for them.

I give you all the email, messenger, and personal access to me,
in a private Facebook group with ONLY people who order this funnel.

Now, instead of searching for more information or secrets...
you can offer your lead generation services to realtors.

And THAT is where you'll finally see the money come in.









If you don't live in Maine, I'd LOVE to help you and your clients
to get real estate leads.

Simply click the button below to get this funnel now...

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Unread 9th Jul 2019, 03:03 PM   #3
Sales Funnel Creator
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Join Date: 2009
Location: Raleigh, NC
Posts: 1,428
Thanks: 863
Thanked 2,359 Times in 867 Posts
Blog Entries: 30
Re: [$50 Off] Top Marketer Reveals How to Earn a Steady, Recurring Income by Sending Leads to Realto
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**Successful Results from a Past Funnel Offer**

Originally Posted by wbinst2 View Post

Anyone had success with this? If so, i'll buy.
This funnel was offered just 3 days ago, and I will post results and success stories
as I get them in.

I use this exact funnel at my ad agency, and we have over 50 realtors investing
anywhere from $1200 per month up to $9,000 per month.

Because it's by FAR the easiest method I've used in a long time online, it's why
I'm offering it here, to people who haven't had much success online and for once,
would like something that's not incredibly difficult.

Here are a few results from a funnel service I offered here last month...

Jason ordered this "ready to use" funnel on April 15, 2018.

His Message Just 5 Days Later...

In just 5 days, Jason was able to get a complete sales funnel
online and making REAL commissions with Clickbank.

And today, here's an update I received, about a week from the
date Jason ordered this pre-written funnel...

That's pretty fast, especially when some people go YEARS
without seeing a penny online!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Originally Posted by metaldragon View Post

Very interested in this.

My only question is does the info go over how we should target in
FB ads?

I love the rest of the funnel but i want to make sure im not paying too
much for leads on the front end.
Yes, I provide info on targeting as well, which is why the funnel works

Real estate agents are VERY easy to target and work with on Facebook,
because you can nail down using exact job descriptions and titles.

I send over the targeting options I personally use in my ad agency,
you can customize them to your needs.

Originally Posted by Haza View Post

What if any other cost are needed to make this work?
Costs needed...

$8 domain, one time charge (annual fee)

$10 hosting, paid monthly and you can use any host you want.

$15 per month email service provider like Aweber, Get Response, Mail
Chimp, etc...

And then Facebook ads, and that's 100% depending on what you
want to invest.

I advise clients to start at $5 per day and only scale when profits can pay
for scaling.

I send each client who orders these funnels some in depth training on
Facebook ads, targeting info, and even my personal help by email
and private Facebook group... so that part isn't left to chance.

Can this work with Bing or just Facebook?
The advertising is meant to be used with Facebook, but sure... could
be used with any kind of ad, whether it's Adwords, Bing, Youtube, etc...

I just prefer using Facebook for my business and most of my clients
use Facebook, because of how easy you can target real estate
agents AND real estate leads.

But to start, $5 per day is more than enough to get data needed to
test and tweak.

In all honesty, the simplicity of this entire funnel is why it's good
for any beginner, or anyone at all, for that matter.

Beginner or pro... the selling process has to do a good job of
persuading the prospect that what you have is good for them,
and solves their problem.

So, this entire funnel is set up in a way to do that.

And since I pretty much take care of everything you need, in
the funnel, you don't have to do much except upload the content.

Allen Says, the man who used to own this forum, is one of the first
who ordered and used 2 of these funnels.

So, IF you use the funnel, set it up and get it going... there's really no
limit to what you could make, and it's possible you don't make anything,
if you don't actually get it up and running.

I know that's not a real specific answer, but honestly, after 19 years of
doing this online thing... I've seen people make zero, and I've seen people
make millions.

It's all based on the action of each person, how fast they can apply things,
and how much they're willing to work.

I will promise you this... you won't find an easier funnel to start with, and
you won't find one from a 20 year pro copywriter who has done multiple millions
in sales myself...well, not at this price anyway :-)

Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

actually the funnel page is under your
hosting or ours?
It's all on your hosting account.

So, you use Facebook ads to drive the traffic to your opt in page that's
on your own domain and host... and then your own hosting takes it from
there, along with your own email service.

This funnel offer is all the content, ads, and email... you simply just
put it up online on your hosting!

Originally Posted by Reddevil007 View Post

So once I receive the funnel from you I do not need any other funnel to send leads to realtors?

What sort of ad budget are we talking here?
Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to post.

You get everything you need to get online and running...
both the content to get realtors as clients, and also you
get the content to get THEM leads.

Here's a sample of the funnel content to get realtors
as YOUR clients...

I also send you a targeting document to use on Facebook
for finding realtors.

Then, once you land a realtor as a client, you use the
funnel content that is provided in the same package...

So you don't need any other piece of content to start.

For ad budget, you start at $5 a day and only go up in
scale once the ad is bringing in paying clients.

As with almost every Facebook ad and product/service
I sell or advise on, I never scale up from $5 until the returns
pay for it... then you just methodically scale up from there.

I have clients who are still spending $5 per day, and clients
spending several hundred dollars a day, it all comes down to
where they are in the process, and they only scale up once
sales/clients come in.

Originally Posted by etrin View Post

Do you show how to close the sale when the realtors contact us? How many of these can we setup and manage ourselves before needing to outsource (sales, customer service etc.)

Sorry for the delay in reply, I've been blown away by how much activity
this thread has created...

I've been trying to keep up with messages and posts.

Yes, I do show you how to close the sale, by providing you with scripts
and copy you can literally model/copy and paste to send to prospects.

Also, I'll be sending over what I've personally used/what works both
when writing back and forth with prospects, and also on the phone.

The benefit of this funnel coming from me?

I've had 20 years of marketing, copy, and persuasion skills, specifically
targeted towards real estate.

In terms of how many you can set up, the funnel to GET realtors
as clients is a one time funnel set up, but when you get realtors
as clients... it's totally up to you how many you want to do.

It really is based on your own personal income goals, or how much
you want to work, if any.

I have clients who outsourced this from day one, and I also have
clients who do it all themselves... that's a personal preference.

I've got 52 real estate agents here at my agency, and we handle them
all with 4 people total.

It all boils down to what your monthly goals are, if you want something
like $5,000 or so a month recurring, you can do it all yourself easy.

But totally up to you how many realtors you want to work with.

Originally Posted by clpw46 View Post

Shawn, I'm very interested in your WSO... but see no reference to the END of the marketing process.... where you get clients on the dotted line... to actually pay your for the leads you hand them.

What's the process?
Thanks for taking the time to post here.

The one thing to remember, every single person who has ordered
this funnel so far (13 in the last week and a half)...

They all are in different places with their online skills, experience,
careers, etc...

So, what I tell everyone who orders this funnel from me is, ANY
question at all about how to close a sale, how to get paid, whether
to take a client or walk, etc...

ANY and all questions can be asked to me, and run by me, for
a fast and personal answer.

Anyone who orders this from me, will get any and all help they need
when it comes to selling themselves and closing a sale, including
what to do once someone contacts you.

I give people in my Facebook group a few different ways they can
close a deal and communicate with prospects.

So, the thing to remember is, you're never left without help, I'll
walk anyone through any process they may need help with.

The closing process is part of my system, and you get it and are
walked through it once someone reserves a spot here.

It's tough to wrap up an entire sales process in this
answer... but by the time a realtor even contacts you,
they should be pretty well pre-sold on using your service.

That's because of the way I purposely set up the content
to DEMONSTRATE the process and how you can get
leads for them, using Facebook ads.

Once someone reserves a spot with my service, I'll show them what
they can do, even further, to pre-sell prospects on hiring them... all
the way to closing techniques and how to seal the deal.

Since it's part of my system and what I'm teaching, I'm not going
to go much into detail about how I do it, but I do cover closing
the sale and how to get paid, etc...

It's all about persuasion and positioning, so there are
many things I'll show you how to do, once a realtor
reaches out to you, in order to close them on working
with you.

Then, it's a matter of sending an invoice, giving them
the option of working with you, or you move on.

The great thing about the funnel content you get... the
free report actually demonstrates and SHOWS the realtors
how you get the leads for them... so that way, they will already
know what you can do before they even contact you.

In the free report, I actually give them the steps how you can
use Facebook to get them leads...

But obviously I leave out all the exact details and all the ways you
do it, so that way they have a general idea of how you get leads, but
they still need you to do it all for them.

Originally Posted by seminars82 View Post

Hi Shawn, can this realtor leads generation business work in Singapore, or rather someone from overseas to target realtors in USA. Also with no background track records of getting leads for clients, do you show ways to validate our ability and skills to help the clients and also being able truly deliver results for them?

Do you show how to outsource this facebook ad marketing and getting good vendors to execute it or we have to do and run the ad ourselves. If that is the case, do you show us the client onboarding process, ads handling process for client, payment handling process etc running as a digital marketing agency or individual freelancer.

Also what is the day to day operations like?

I'm asking this because if in Singapore, there are so many ways to get listings, leads and buyers, co-brokering with other agents and most cost almost nothing. So your ad says 5-10 leads per week only....doesn't really attract getting 4-10 per days quite easy except whether the leads are hot prospects or not. Also is it very cost effective using facebook ads compare to other offline lead generations method which literally costs almost nothing except time and perseverance for realtors.

So perhaps I come to the conclusion that getting listings and clients in the USA seem can someone overseas did this business with no prior knowledge in the real estate business in USA?
Thanks for taking the time to post.

Theoretically, I suppose it COULD work, but I'm going to say
you're better off NOT using this.

If you're in Singapore and you want to work with realtors in
the US, there are just too many logistical issues to deal with,
both for you and for me to try and walk you through everything.

There's first the difference in language or terminology, perhaps?

If something has different meanings here, in the US, as opposed
in Singapore, because of real estate laws or phrases, it could be

I've turned away several people recently, who I didn't think were
good fits for this.

If you're looking to use this funnel in the same area where you
live, that helps.

But I've had some people in other countries wanting to use it
in the U.S.

That will work IF you've got a good grasp of the English language
and IF the time zone difference isn't a factor for you now.

I've got folks in the UK using this funnel to sell to people here
in the States, so it can be used by anyone, as long as you
have command of the English language.

All that is required for you to use this funnel to get paid
by real estate agents is...

1. You can make your way around Facebook ads

2. You can pick and choose the specific targeting options
I'll give you, in a PDF file. If you can log into Facebook and
choose from their targeting options and drop down menus, you're
all set.

3. You can upload content to your site, or hire someone to
put the content on your site.

Those are the main requirements for this.
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