Increase Your Business with 100% Organic Traffic or Start Making Money Online!
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Increase Your Business with 100% Organic Traffic or Start Making Money Online!

100% Guaranteed Organic Traffic- No Bots or Fake Clicks -Only with Udimi! You can easily start making Real Money as a Solo Ad Seller!

Get a $5 Bonus for Free and Start Making Money Real Money on The Top Solo Ad Network Today (Low-Cost Clicks)!

Fellow Warriors,

For many years now, Udimi's been offering high quality traffic at a low cost through our solo ads to countless marketers around the world. We allow marketers to get* low-cost clicks on a CPC basis through the power of solo advertising... sending a single e-mail to a list of people who've shown an interest in your niche.

They are one of the largest solo ad networks in the world, with 100's of Solo Ad Sellers who have real, authenticated reviews, all from verified buyers.

Some sellers have 1,000's of reviews, so you know right from the start who you're dealing with. Udimi sellers all compete to try and get your business, which is why they offer some of the absolute best deals on traffic you can find anywhere.

If you have an offer and you want to make quick, easy money, there's literally no faster, more simple way than to "turn on" the traffic using Udimi and watching your conversions pour in. Unlike SEO, or many other traffic sources, turning on a massive flow of traffic only takes a couple of minutes.

"I wanted to do a quick review of Udimi solos... if you have a website and you have a link, these people are going to get you opt-ins, and they're going to get you sales."

Gary David H

Udimi Is a Solo Ad Network Chock-Filled With Sellers Offering Low-Cost, High-Conversion Clicks. Within Minutes, and Without Even Setting Up a Campaign, You Can Get Traffic That Yields Sales, Leads, and Opt-Ins.

Just order your clicks from the seller of your choice, give them your solo ad, as well as the link you want to send your traffic to (such as your landing page or your affiliate link) and that's it, you're done.

They have 10's of thousands of marketers who come back to keep placing orders with Udimi again and again, and it's for one simple reason: they get results. They simply couldn't afford to keep coming back if they weren't. That said...

But first, let's talk about why Udimi account is so good, and why people keep coming back to get their clicks from us again and again.*

One of the main reasons, is that Udimi owns the industry's Flagship filtering system.

What is click filtering?

When a seller sends you clicks, every single click has to meet a certain standard of quality, otherwise it gets filtered, which means while you still get the click to your site, you won't pay for it.*

Their click filtering system filters many different kinds of low quality clicks. All bot clicks, any useless clicks (even if they're from real people), and bounces (people who come to your site and then leave shortly after) are all filtered.

It Means Is That You Only Ever Pay For Clicks From REAL People Who Were Interested In What You Had To Offer, And Stuck Around On Your Offer Page To Hear More About It. ALL Other Clicks Are Filtered Through Our State of The Art Click Filtering System

"My name is Cecelia, and this was my first experience with Udimi, and I must say that I'm very impressed with the results that I received. My seller William Gray was amazing, he delivered within 7 hours, and I had a 34% opt-in rate."

Cecelia Morris

Why is Udimi Click Filtering system the best in the business? Most filtering systems of its kind have only been around for a few years, whereas the one we use has been in use since 2003 (through Udimi and their sister site Safe-Swaps), and has been reiterated and perfected many, many times of the course of that time.

It's been changed to keep up with changing landscape of click fraud, and has ALWAYS maintained a decisive advantage over those who're selling fake or quality clicks.

More than that, it's built up a very large database of fraudulent sellers over the last 15 years. Blacklisting low-quality click sellers is crucial to the success of a good filtering system.

Most click filtering systems simply haven't been around long enough to build up the database of low-quality and fraudulent sellers that Udimi's has. For over 15 years, clicks have been bought from sellers all over the web, and blacklisted if they didn't meet our strict standards.

So, how successful has Udimi's Click Filtration System Been? Since just January of 2016, Their System Has:
  • Filtered Over 105,000,000 Useless Clicks
  • Filtered Over 238,000,000 Fraudulent Clicks
  • Gotten 10,659 Fraudulent or Low-Quality Click Sellers Banned from Udimi.
  • Saved Its Users $232,653,776.00 (and Counting) On Fake & Useless Clicks!

These are all clicks you'd have to pay for on other solo ad networks.

Yes, I want to Increase my business with Udimi, Please Sign Me Up Now

"What I like about Udimi is that you get clean clicks. Clean clicks. Not rubbish or bot traffic".

Allison Isibor

Now, what if you don't have a big budget to spend on traffic? Does Udimi cost $10,000 or more to get started on like some of the big Ad Networks?

Absolutely not. In fact...

Udimi's Not Only Extremely Simple For Virtually Anyone To Use, It Also Requires VERY SMALL Minimums To Start Getting Traffic. For As Little As $30, You Can Get Clicks That'll Turn Into Leads, Opt-ins, And Sales.

From some sellers, this will get you 100 clicks or more. These are top-tier sellers with more wonderful reviews than you care to read. Remember, these are filtered clicks, so you're only ever paying for REAL people who stuck around on your offer page to learn more about what you have to say.

For those looking to buy a lot of traffic or scale up, don't worry, you'll be able to do that on Udimi. There are plenty of sellers on Udimi, so there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of clicks available at any given moment. This means once you have a profitable campaign using Udimi's traffic, you can then kick your traffic into high gear and start essentially printing money.

It's also easier to get a profitable campaign on Udimi, because their clicks are higher quality, and lower cost than you usually get with the big ad platforms like Facebook Ads, or Google AdWords. If you've struggled to make a campaign profitable using these traffic sources, then it's definitely time to give Udimi a shot.

But many people want to know before they get started... are the clicks guaranteed? What if I get clicks from a seller and they don't deliver them, or don't deliver all of them?

Well, Udimi Clicks ARE Guaranteed, 100%. Once You Place Your Order, Your Seller Has 100 Hours To Deliver You QUALITY Clicks That Make It Through Their Click Filtering System. Any Clicks Which Aren't Delivered In That Time Are Automatically Refunded To You.

If you order 100 clicks, and you get 98 that don't meet our standards for quality, and get filtered, and only two that do our meet our standards, you'll only be charged for two clicks and the other 98 will be automatically refunded to you without you having to lift a finger.

"If you're looking for traffic that's affordable to build an e-mail list, create leads, and down the line, get you some sales on whatever it is that you're actually marketing, Udimi is the place to be."

Money Management

But how well can you track your results? Well, you'll be given data that those with a standard Udimi account don't have because of this special offer. But, more on that later.

However, everyone on Udimi is given several points of data on each and every person who visits their site, including (but not limited to):
  • The user's IP Address
  • The user's country (so you can make sure your clicks are coming from primarily Tier 1 countries)
  • The user's Operating System (which will often tell you whether they're using PC or mobile device)
  • Where the user is exactly on a geo-map (using Google Maps)
  • The user's browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.)
  • The user's Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • And you can easily turn all this data into an Excel Spreadsheet (CSV) or a PDF with just a few clicks of the mouse

All of this info will allow you to take a deep dive into who's coming to your site, which will help you to optimize your campaigns in the future and make it easy for you to choose the best seller.

"Just ran my second solo ad. Got 50% OVERDELIVERY, 150 Opt-ins... that will work out as an EASY Return on Investment of 100%... Thank you very much, I'll be back for more soon."

Kevan Cowley
Speaking of sellers, what do you do if you have an issue with a seller or their clicks? With big ad networks like AdWords, Facebook Ads, or adCenter, getting in touch with someone is virtually impossible, no matter how big the issue is that you may be having.

Because most marketers are such small fish to them, they'd rather just lose your business than bother paying customer support representatives to help you.

Fortunately, that's not how they do things on Udimi. On Udimi, all sellers are both accessible and responsive. If you have an issue, the vast majority of their sellers will get back to you extremely quickly and help you with whatever it is you need, because your business actually matters to them.

" is basically a solo ad warehouse. If you wanted to know where to get some good solo ads from, this is a real good resource. And what you have here is a whole one-stop-shop."

Khaalil Bashir

So, what are the benefits of having a Udimi Prime account?

Earlier, we talked about the Click Filtering System that prevents you from having to pay for clicks which are low quality or fake. With a Udimi Prime subscription, you'll be given access to an even better Click Filtering System than the people who're using a standard account.

That means your clicks will be even more high-quality, and you'll end up paying for even fewer clicks than you would with a standard account.

This will also help you to identify the sellers who bring you the best clicks, so you can continue to profit from their lists over and over again.

"PowerSolos, Thank you. Very nice. Overdelivered, just like all these awesome sellers on Udimi. Great deal. 50+ Opt-ins, 12 signups. I'm glad I found Udimi, I'm glad I'm finding great sellers, and I'm just going to keep doing this until you prove me wrong."

Daniel Yost

Udimi Prime Will Also Give You a Free Landing Page Creation Tool With Pre-Made Landing Pages And The Ability To Create Custom Ones From Scratch

Within about 5 to 10 minutes, you can pretty much master this landing page builder, and build elegant, professional-looking, high conversion landing pages with just a few clicks.

Countless of our members have told us how much they love this landing page tool, and are blown away by just how it easy it is to create amazing-looking landers. They're stunned at just how well it stacks up against the bigger, dedicated landing page creation tools like Unbounce and LeadPages (many of them like it way better).

The entire builder contains drag and drop functionality. Anyone can learn how to use it. Absolutely no coding or complex technical abilities are required.

You can make a beautiful landing page that looks like it was created by a professional designer in about 15 minutes tops. If you don't have experience making landing pages that convert, no problem. Many of Udimi members have little to no experience making landing pages, and have used our tool to make some stunning ones which converted unbelievably well.

You can upload your landing page for free to (Udimi's sister site) or upload your landing pages to your own domain (your choice).

With Udimi Prime, you'll also be able to quickly see which landing pages are bringing you the best results, so you can then focus your traffic on those pages.

You can quickly split-test headlines, sub-heads, images, and more to see what your audience responds to best.

With your Prime account, you'll be able to very easily see which solo ad sellers are generating you the highest conversion rates. You can get solo ads from 10 different sellers at the same time, and quickly see which one's traffic worked best for you.

It's not just Udimi traffic you'll be able track either. You can also see traffic that's is coming from any other source as well, and track those results. This will put you in complete control of your traffic, as you'll know exactly which traffic sources are getting you results, and which aren't. The best part is, you'll be able to see all of this data conveniently in one place. This makes a marketer's life so much easier.

You'll not only be able to track the success of your landing pages and traffic sources, but also your individual solo ads as well. Split-test a few different pieces of solo ad copy, and see which ones your audience respond to best.

This allows you to create a force multiplier of effectiveness. Getting the highest-conversion landing pages, solo ad copy, and traffic makes it unbelievably easy for marketers to create a successful campaign.

They have tutorials to make it even easier for you to get started and a help desk with an average response time of just a few hours in case you have any issues (but chances are you'll figure it all out without any help, as our back-end is very simple to navigate). Udimi take good care of all their members.

"It's called Udimi. It's the traffic source that a lot of professional network marketers and internet marketers use. It saves a whole lot of money. I highly recommend it. It's very affordable for the average person or networker who wants to get their business going and going fast."

Allen Vaega

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