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Get a 100% Custom Affiliate Site, Just For You - Starting As Low As $117! Over 2+ Years Experience!
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"Send Me an Email With Your Niche, And I'll Send You a 100% Custom Affiliate Review Site That You Can Use to Rake In Money!"

How would you like to have a 100% unique affiliate review site professionally created, completely setup and ready to go, delivered on a silver platter right to your email and ready to make money?

That's right. We'll do all the work.

All you have to do is upload, advertise and make MONEY!

It's that easy.

You just tell us which niche you want your site to cover and the affiliate products you want to promote.

Then we'll go out and
  • Research the affiliate products you're promoting.
  • Write compelling reviews that don't sound like a sales pitch.
  • Create custom articles specifically for your niche.
  • Create a custom affiliate review site designed to drive traffic to your promotions.
  • Format and code all of your reviews and articles into the website.
  • Embed all of your affiliate links throughout the entire site.
  • Send you the photoshop files, html files and we format it in Xsite Pro, so you'll get the Xsite Pro file as well.

Once we're done, you'll have a custom affiliate review site that can be used to rake in incredible affiliate profits. You don't have to worry about anything except making money.

Checkout demos of our sites by clicking on the links below.

(Once the image opens, click on the image to enlarge full screen)

So who are we and why are we offering to do this?

Well, my name is Brad and my wife's name is Amanda. We're a young couple living in Oklahoma in the U.S. I love designing websites and she's great at writing. So we decided to team up and offer our services to affiliate marketers.

If you've studied books over affiliate marketing, then you know they tell you the great benefits of having quality review sites with several pages of articles and reviews. Even if you're experienced these sites can be very time consuming to create.

Of course, most profitable affiliate marketers already understand the power of outsourcing their work so they can focus on making money. Unfortunately, they have to send their project to several different people to get it completed. It can be a headache, making sure each part of the site is done correctly. It can also cost much more to do it this way.

We wanted to create a service for affiliate marketers that would allow them to simplify their lives and increase their profits, basically a service that's a one stop shop for affiliate sites. So that's what we've been doing for the past 2+ years.

We personally take care of every detail of your affiliate site.

All you have to do is market the site. And when I say "we" take care of everything, I mean it. This is our full time job. We don't outsource the work to other people. We work hand in hand with each other to make sure your site comes out looking great.

While many people push speed and quantity, we understand that quality is really what makes someone choose your site over another's.

So we make sure that the site is eye catching, the content is well written and properly edited, the layout is easy for the reader, your promotion stands out, and your links are all working.

When you hire us to build your site, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the site will be the quality you want.

Once you place an order, we'll communicate with you as much as we need to make sure we understand what you need and want out of your site. We don't work on multiple sites at once. So, from the time we start on your site until it's finished, we'll devote our personal attention to the project.

Of course, quality and personal attention have their downsides. Since my wife and I are the only ones working on the sites, we're very limited on how many we can build.

That's why we're only selling 6 affiliate sites.

Once the 6 sites are ordered, the offer will be closed.

Now this may sound like a marketing ploy, but it isn't. If we took on more than 6, the quality would end up suffering, and that's not the kind of business we want to run.

So if you want to secure a spot, you need to order now.

When you order, you'll have up to 90 days to use the service. This means you can order now to secure a spot, and then give us the details when you're ready.

Right now you can order a complete affiliate site that's designed to drive traffic to your affiliate promotions for less than what you would pay a quality article writer.

(Update!) Normally, we only offer one option, a complete 20 page affiliate review site. However, we've had a lot of clients that have mentioned wanting a more affordable option. So, for a limited time, you can have the option of either a 20 page site or a 10 page site. This new option will hopefully give more of our customers the chance to get a 100% custom affiliate site.

So, until the 6 spots are sold, you can get:

A complete 20 page affiliate review site for only $197 (That's less than $10 a page!)


A complete 10 page affiliate review site for only $117

Remember, you get:
  • 10 or 20 pages of custom quality content
  • Your choice of the number of articles and reviews
  • A custom site designed to drive traffic to your affiliate promotion
  • Editing, formatting, and coding for all of the content in your site
  • Embedded affiliate links throughout the entire site
  • The photoshop files, html files and Xsite Pro File

All this for an extremely low price!

When you order, you'll get instructions on what to do when you're ready for us to start on your site. Once we start on your site, you'll have it within 7-10 business days.

Click Below To Reserve Your 10 Page Site!

Click Below To Reserve Your 20 Page Site!

Note: We will not build sites on adult material or gambling.

We look forward to working with you! Your friends,
Brad & Amanda Gile

P.S. Don't wait to order. Once the 6 spots sell, that's it.

P.P.S. Don't forget that you have up to 90 days to use the service once you order.

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Re: Let Us Build A 100% Custom Affiliate Review Site, Just For You! Only 6 Spots Available!
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Just sent you a pm

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Re: Get a 100% Custom Affiliate Site, Just For You - Starting As Low As $117! Over 2+ Years Experie
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is this offer still open?
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