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Unread 9th Dec 2010, 12:15 PM   #1
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Want to know how to create a sustainable career online? Want to know how to earn the right way? Want half the work done for you at half the price? Want the know-how, the on-demand support and a range of free services and guides that ensures you make an absolute killing?

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to TheWhiteWay.

TheWhiteWay is a fundamental and universal concept that's both unique and fool proof that integrates ethical methods and introduces exclusive monetization techniques to help you on your way to earning more than a living. TheWhiteWay is real and is a unique concept that focuses on a widely known and a widely successful principle - earn money through Google AdSense by strategically attacking less competitive Keywords without the need for a specific niche market.

Delivered in the form of an Internet Application Book (iaBook (Desktop Software)), we aim to deliver expert services along with detailed, to-the-point visual guides that achieves everything you've been wanting. It can be considered as a ready-made custom Business Plan, but we don't like to call it that, it's an out-of-the-box method that works. Simple.

Forget AutoBlogs. Forget Spamming. Forget Twitter. Forget Facebook. Forget Craiglist. Forget trying to "Think Outside The Box", Forget over-hyped and over-rated "methods" that claim to earn you trillions and most importantly, forget short-term crazes and forget the bad habits you've picked up from useless eBooks. Focus on the right way. Focus, on TheWhiteWay.

We focus on Facts. We focus on the principle that has been tried and tested, not to mention the most successful principle out of them all on the entire Internet. We don't expect anyone to create the next Facebook, we don't expect anyone to create the next Twitter, the next eBay or the next Microsoft - what TheWhiteWay expects is readers to be able to use a computer, to be confident but most importantly be willing to work.

What exactly am I getting?

Putting it simply, you'll get a truly enchanced method that teaches you how to profit from Google AdSense using less competitive Keywords. We walk you through every step - from Keyword Researching to Search Engine Optimization.
We give you hosting, we set-up and configure your website (using Joomla) for you and we provide you with an exclusive and professional template that we can customise for you on demand - the template is the real magic!

A breakdown of what you're getting:

TheWhiteWay Services:
  • One-Year Business Hosting Plan with cPanel (No Bandwidth or Data
  • On-Demand Personal Support
  • Joomla! 1.5.x Website Setup and Configuration
  • Joomla! 1.5.x Website Template Customization
  • Keyword and WonderWheel Scraping
  • and a lot more...

TheWhiteWay iaBook:
  • Stage 1 | Introduction and Prerequisites
  • Stage 2 | Keyword Research
  • Stage 3 | Website Development, Monetization and Content Creation
  • Stage 4 | Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion
  • TheKnowledgeBank
  • The Walkthrough Guide
  • Request Service
  • Ask A Question

Why should I risk handing my money over?

This isn't a third tier eBook/PDF or a short term craze. How do you know?
Because you already know the principle and you know it works. You know that the all-famous and prestigious Whitehat principle that use Google AdSense and less-competitive Keywords makes you money, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far down. What you don't know, is the detail and know-how needed to make it happen, but most importantly don't know how to do it strategically so much so that they're beyond effective.

If you're worried about payment security, then I only accept PayPal. I have a fully verified account - and will only accept payment from those who have the same.

What's the ordering process?

Each iaBook is built on a per-order basis. Once I've received confirmation that I've received Payment from PayPal, I'll build an exclusive copy of the Application (which takes less than 3 minutes) and email you with further instructions.

Is an iaBook an eBook?

An iaBook is a custom built piece of Software that connects to the Internet. Furthermore, the iaBook is a central Control Panel for all your free Services, Tools etc - which obviously can't be displayed in an eBook.

How do I order?

I only accept payment from a verified PayPal Account. Click the "Buy Now"
button further below. Once you've sent payment please PM me the Transaction ID.

Any prerequisites?

Market Samurai is the selected piece of Software I use throughout my examples. You may want to get ScrapeBox, but it isn't essential. Other than that, a large cup of coffee and a .com/.net/.org!

Minimum System Requirements: Internet Explorer 7, Windows XP SP3 and .NET 4 are essential in order to run the application. If you're extremely lazy, then I recommend you keep wasting your time searching for a method that works.

Any further advice?

Read the information over and over again for better digestion, take full advantage of the tools I provide and the services I offer, and just follow the steps. You will initially receive a welcome email (hand written not
automatic!) that will include your cPanel Login Details - once you log into your cPanel, you'll be presented with a unique URL to download your unique copy of the application. In order to create a cPanel Account I need a domain, so a default domain is assigned (normally just "") - once you've read Stage 1 and have purchased your own one, you can easily change the domain by clicking the "Change Domain Name" button at the very bottom of the Index Page.

How much can I expect to make?

You can expect to reach about $1'750 after your first month/completion of all the tasks correctly. If you repeat the process by adding to the same website and keep working then you'll double that figure month-by-month/completion of the task, and you'll reach a point after three months where you'll be able to start dedicating tasks to a team of outsourcers and you will be earning a significant amount on autopilot. I'm not going to dress it up nicely and like always I'll be totally transparent throughout: it's not a quick fix that will earn you millions in just four days. You really have to ask yourself, what have all the eBooks you've read so far equated to? How much time have you wasted searching for the golden method? Is there any other method that offers profitability, flexibility, personal support, expert services, reliability and sustainability in a career? The USP of any WhiteHat method is simple: you're building a career and a future.

Anything else I should know?

I'll be updating (if I can) this Sales Thread frequently. I will only be selling around 10 Copies of the TheWhiteWay iaBook - and I can assure you that isn't a silly marketing tactic to sell more. Once 10 have gone, they've well and truly gone (and that's across all sources, not just this forum).
No Refunds; at the end of the day, if you decide you can't be asked or just don't want to do TheWhiteWay, you've still got free hosting for an entire year (equivalent to $180 - feel free to lease it out/resell it) and a range of free services, including a website. Nothing Illegal or Adult-orientated allowed.

We'll support you all the way. Throughout your time with the TheWhiteWay iaBook if you ever come stuck or want further clarification or something is just confusing and you need a better explanation, then just simply ask.

TheWhiteWay has been designed for those who want to focus on whitehat techniques and have full support and a range of services at their hands. It's been designed for those who want to focus on creating a sustainable, reliable and profitable CAREER and a FUTURE. It's this style of work that will help you hit the big time. We aren't selling you a dream, we aren't selling you rubbish and it will make you a killing. What we're selling you, is an investment. An investment that will be very profitable, sustainable, flexible and reliable.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions - so please feel free to ask them here or PM me!


(Once you've sent payment please PM me the Transaction ID)



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Unread 10th Dec 2010, 06:20 PM   #2
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Some members messaged me about the issues with paypal button. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

The problem with the paypal link is fixed now.
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Unread 23rd Feb 2011, 07:59 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by vem View Post

Some members messaged me about the issues with paypal button. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

The problem with the paypal link is fixed now.

Your PayPal button still doesn't work...

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