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mrhand 28th October 2011 09:21 AM

Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List
Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List http://marketingrockstar.net

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MarketingRockstar.net is a leading job board for the event marketing industry. As a well established site with multiple passive income streams and a huge customer database, revenues at the current level are guaranteed.

This is an exciting niche market filled with hip creative companies and eager young staff. Job seekers in this market are particularly abundant and respond to jobs in high volumes. As a premier site for the industry, we are one of few alternatives for employers to post their jobs and receive quality candidates. We have worked hard to build a sterling reputation, and I receive calls and emails regularly that reinforce the quality of service and value we provide.

The value of MarketingRockstar.net can be measured in more than one way. This site produces a steady (and growing) revenue stream from posting subscriptions and advertising. We have an email database of over 12,000 active subscribers. Google has indexed over 18,000 pages of our site. We have a strong social media presence which includes an automatically updated Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn page. All total, we have over 6000+ social media fans/followers. Included in our social media assets are 50 Facebook pages, one for each state. All jobs posted to the board are automatically delivered to the appropriate page.

Our Reputation/Feedback: (Verify on Linkedin: Ryan Goodin | LinkedIn)

“Ryan has developed one of the best Model Talent-Event Staff websites available. MarketingRockStar is indeed a Rock Star of job sites and one of the 1st I go to when posting events needing attractive, skilled and professional personnel for any national region. I can also access his extensive national talent database which I can count on to have current up to date photos and resumes. Ryan's site and concepts are up to the minute, easy access, simple and quick to implement, as well as popular and visible to the talent market I need to reach. Ryan will also touch base personally when he sees a job post I have and make helpful suggestions! Who does that?! I can highly recommend MarketingRockStar.Net to other staffing agencies, promo co's and the countries best model talent!” July 23, 2010
- Cynthia Rice, National Talent Booking Agent/Owner, StaffOn Models

“Ryan has the most up to date marketing opportunities and they are delivered right to my email, which works well for a busy professional like myself. Ryan you Rock!!” December 20, 2010
- Natascha Smith, Regional Manager, N'Awe Communications

“I have had the pleasure of working with Markeing Rockstar on various occasions and have nothing negative to say about them” March 7, 2011. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
- Graham Odenyo

“Ryan is detail oriented and is a good leader. His professionalism with both clients and employees are exemplary. I highly recommend Mr. Goodin.” July 20, 2010
- Angelique Jones, Brand Ambassador and Promotional Model, Big Orange Productions

Basic Statistics
  • 10,000-15,000 site visits per month
  • 11,900+ Candidate accounts
  • 9,000+ Resumes with headshots
  • Over 18,200 pages indexed in Google
  • 480+ Employer accounts
  • 300-400 new jobs posted per month
  • 6,158+ Social media friends, fans & followers
  • 3,982 Twitter Followers
  • 1,416+ Facebook Fans
  • 760 LinkedIn Connections
  • 9,600 Job Alert emails auto-delivered to job seekers every week

The automated weekly email function is an extremely effective traffic source and advertising medium. The text based and HTML email templates are fully customizable, allowing you to engage candidates and personalize each message.
Example: Untitled Document
Time spent managing the site: 30 minutes (or less) per week


I spend no more than 30 minutes on the site per week. Activities include:
  • Assisting with profile picture uploads
  • Answering site functionality questions

Proprietary E-Book

In August, we released our first Ebook, Secrets to Event Staff Success: Secrets To Event Staff Success
All new employees are redirected to this page after signing up. Also, we are currently promoting this on the weekly email to all subscribers.

Currently the page is converting at about 2%, and I believe this will improve considerably with some tweaking

Job Posting Plans:

Employers have the choice of purchasing posting credits, or monthly subscriptions. The benefit to a subscription is the ability to post unlimited jobs in a given period of time, plus the ability to review a limited number of candidate profiles and contact them directly. The other benefit is having access to resumes - this allows employers to contact talent directly.

Current Job Post Rates:
  • 5 Posts - $1.25
  • 20 Posts - $5.00
  • 50 Posts - $12.50
  • 100 Posts - $25.00
  • 200 Posts - $50.00

Current Subscription Rates:
  • 3 Month Subscription w/ Resume Access - Post unlimited jobs for 3 months plus access to contact details for 50 candidates. Price: $7.50
  • 6 Month Subscription w/ Resume Access - Post unlimited jobs for 6 months plus access to contact details for 100 candidates. Price: $15.00
  • 12 Month Subscription w/ Resume Access - Post unlimited jobs for 12 months plus access to contact details for 200 candidates. Price: $30.00
  • 30-Day Unlimited Premium Posts & Resume Access - Unlimited premium posts for 30 days plus access to contact details for unlimited candidates. Price: $69.00

Premium Posting Plan:
  • The top level posting plan is valued at $69/month and allows employers to post unlimited jobs and contact unlimited candidates. The candidate database is of significant value to a number of employers because it is a supplemental database of talent across the US that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Social Media

Automatically updated Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
All total, we have over 6,100+ fans/followers/connections
Included in our social media assets are 50 Facebook pages, one for each state. All jobs posted to the board are automatically delivered to the appropriate page

Assets for sale are as follows:


Marketing Materials:

Email Templates:
Untitled Document
Free Website Design Quote

Social Marketing Tools:
Untitled Document

Ebook (Owned by MarketingRockstar.net): Secrets To Event Staff Success

Job Board Software and Features:
  • Jamit Job Board v 3.5.3
  • All features: Features - Jamit Job Board Software
  • Dozens of customizable features via a back end administration panel
  • Administration of employer and candidate accounts
  • Edit posts, can be posted with or without approval
  • Manage subscriptions (monthly) and memberships (credits)
  • Site statistics including # of posts, new candidates, employers, etc.
  • Google analytics installed and tracking since 2007
  • Automated sending of job alerts & resume alerts
  • Send candidates a list of the most recent jobs posted (Candidates can filter results by state in their admin console)
  • Send employers a list of the most recent resumes uploaded
  • Send in any increment of days you wish
  • Free and customized templates
  • Bill for posts / subscriptions / memberships, or set it free & earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense
  • Support for search engine friendly URLs (Mod Rewrite) and XML Sitemaps.
  • RSS Feeds
  • Advanced XML Importing and XML Exporting features for exporting / importing jobs
  • Full source code included, not encrypted.

Add on modules installed & configured:
  • Info Pages - Create / Edit additional info pages
  • Business Name Required - Make the 'Business Name' field required on the employer's signup form
  • Hide Empty Fields - Hide empty fields from showing when viewing a form
  • Auto-Populate Posted-By Field - Auto-populate Posted-By field in Job Posting
  • Job description meta tag - Attempts to generate a meaningful job description meta tag for the job post page, by taking the text from a job post's description
  • Security Tools - Scans the Jamit script directory for rogue files & finds the most common potential threats in PHP code
  • Head Shots - Displays thumbnails of candidates who uploaded their photo
  • Jobs Fair - Displays an alphabetical list of employers so that jobs can be browsed by the employer.
  • Top Featured Jobs- Displays a list of the Featured jobs on the home page


  • Module for billing the job seekers
  • Job seeker landing page: Sent here when the job seeker billing module is turned on

  • All current and former logos, images and related graphics

Opportunities for increasing revenue:
  • Syndicate jobs (via rss) to other job boards – Currently our jobs are syndicated to Simplyhired.com, JobIsJob.com, JobRapido.com, DreamJobber.com, and Oodle.com.
  • Charge more for membership
  • Sell affiliated products (see demographics / affinity)
  • Promote the ebook more widely – Currently only promoted on the site
  • Add additional affiliate products

  • I will not sell to my competitors. Instead, I will provide you with a list of the primary competitors, their history, an understanding of their value proposition, and my strategies for leveraging their position.

After the Sale:
  • I am keen to find a new owner that will build upon the reputation I have created and unleash this site’s true potential. Therefore, I am willing to assist with all matters strategic, technical and otherwise for a period of 6 months after the completion of the sale. I have volumes of written and digital documents with ideas for future development that I would be more than happy to hand over and explain in detail.
  • The site can remain on my server for a period of 3 months free of charge. I will assist in any way possible to move ALL site files and databases to your server.
  • I will craft and deliver a message to all site members regarding the change of ownership, and offer my word to them that I will remain onboard to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners.

Other Details:
  • IP has been white-listed across major email hosts like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. (allows us to send broadcast emails to all subscribers without)
  • Stats in July reflect an outage. The server size couldn’t handle the emails being sent every week, so we moved to a larger VPS with 1&1 – We are willing to host your site for free on that server for the remainder of the contract which lasts through July 2012

Email Lists:
  • Over 12,000 job seekers with email and related contact details
  • Over 400 employers with email and related contact details
  • Excellent demographic data

Website Outlook Valuation = $5,876: marketingrockstar.net Estimated Worth $5876.5 USD by websiteoutlook

Revenue Details:

Passive income channels:
  • Adsense Revenue (approx $115/mo)
  • Subscriptions to post jobs (approx $250/mo)
  • NEW: Affiliate product sales (currently selling our own ebook: Secrets To Event Staff Success, this page has about a 2% conversion rate as is.)
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $360/mo
  • This industry is very cyclical with peaks in the summer months and holidays explaining the variations in income from month to month.

Indirect Revenue:
  • In the last 12 months, I have picked up approx. $2,500 in additional web development-related business from promoting my other business on the site.
  • I am not formally listing these numbers in my claimed financials because it requires resources outside the website to fulfill the clients needs.

  • Costs are limited hosting fees which I pay $25/month for a VPS hosted with 1&1 on a Linux box.

Traffic Details:
  • 10,000-15,000 visits per month
  • This industry has a very distinctive cycle and the analytics support this. In warmer months and around holidays, traffic spikes. It's also noteworthy that a large percentage of our visitors are repeat visits (approx 30%)

BXPS 30th October 2011 05:57 AM

Re: Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List
Seems like a wonderful site.

zumamoney 3rd November 2011 12:14 PM

Re: Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List
From the way you explained everything about this site, it sound good to me, and I will like to know how much you are asking for it and also " do the new owner get to keep the domain name"

mrhand 3rd November 2011 01:49 PM

Re: Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List

Yes, the domain is included in the sale. I just sent you a PM regarding offers. Thanks for inquiring.

mrhand 15th November 2011 09:31 AM

Re: Automated Industry Leading Job Board, Passive Income Streams, Huge Email List
Just a reminder, there is just over 1 day left in the auction for this very well established site with a database of over 12,000 employees. I'm happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks. -Ryan


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