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[Up To $5,000+ Per Day] Complete Internet Marketing Community, 100% Unique, Custom Developed
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Finally, You Can Own Your Own
Internet Marketing Community
And KILL The Competition...
Oh Wait, There IS No Competition!

Do you have any idea how much money Allen makes from WF? I can't even imagine! He succeeded by creating a place for internet marketers to gather and learn from each other, as well as promote their offers. When everybody wins, the one who started it all wins much bigger!

How would you like to tap into this potential, not by running a forum like WF, but by running your own online community? And how about expanding the target market from internet marketers to everyone interested in making money online?

What It's About

We all know how popular review sites are. Well, I've built a site from scratch around the same concept; but it's so much more. It's a community that will become the go-to place for people to get reviews about internet marketing and online income-related products and services.

But it doesn't end with reviews. The community also allows people to place ads announcing their special offers, new launches, JV opportunities, or post banners. There's even a weekly "Featured Offer" that members have to bid for. Can you imagine how much you'll earn from a bidding war every single week?

It's set up to be community-driven, much like WF, so all you have to do is start the engine, reach critical mass, and watch your income go places you've only dreamed of.

The Need It Fills

Nowhere online does a community-driven review site geared specifically for the internet marketing and online income industries exist.
The closest thing to it is WF, and it does a fine job. But by expanding the niche to all online income-related products/services/systems, and creating an entire community, you'll stand alone.

With people at risk of being scammed every day that they're trying to make money online, this site will be the go-to place for info about a product or service before someone makes a purchase. But, it's also going to be great for business owners because, like with the WF, they'll have a place to post their offers and ads and potentially make a killing!

The Site At A Glance

The site is divided into 3 main sections:

1) The Biz Directory

Businesses (Bizzes) are listed here, and people can post comments, reviews, and complaints about these Bizzes. It's sorted by category, so that people can find exactly the type of Bizzes they're looking for, and there's also a search utility available.

If a user wants to review a Biz that's not listed in the directory, they can still review it, and the system will automatically contact the Biz owner/admin and invite them to register in order to manage their newly created listing. So, the site is developed for
automated and exponential growth.

2) The Buzz Hive

This area allows people to advertise (create buzz about) their businesses, affiliate links, etc. It's sub-divided into a place to post banners, special offers, new launch announcements, JV proposals... and there's also a place for one (1) weekly featured ad, which members must bid for.

3) Private Message Center & Discussion Forums

Both custom-developed, these areas allow more interaction between users, keeping them active and engaged on the site. Members can upload avatars, and create personal profiles telling people about themselves, their online business experiences, etc.

How Income Is Generated

Standard membership is free; however, members must upgrade to enjoy additional benefits, like filing a complaint against a Biz (a IM-related business), requesting reviews for a Biz (whether currently listed or not), among other features. You can control which member levels have access to which features from the admin panel.

Biz owners/admins must also upgrade in order to list their Bizzes in the directory. In addition, when they decide to create a profile for their listing (and trust me, they will), they'll have to pay for that. A profile is basically a sales letter, which people can use to warm visitors up (pre-sell them) to their offer before they even click through to their site!

Also, members must pay in order to place ads in the Buzz Hive, much like how they pay here on WF to post in the WSO forum and sub-forums. But, the site uses an internal currency, so instead of paying in dollars, they pay in Buzz Bucks, which they must buy in dollars (through PayPal). Paying for ads, etc. in a digital currency will produce more sales because psychologically, it's easier than parting with dollars at the point of sale, even though Buzz Bucks do have a dollar value.

Why Are You Selling This?

You know the old adage, "I need some money like yesterday?" Well, that's why in a nutshell. Because I'm not full time IM, I haven't had time to develop a proper launch for it. I really hate the idea of selling the site; but situations arise that don't give you any choice. So, I need to liquidate this asset.

It's to your benefit because now I'm forced to sell it for a hell of a lot less than it's worth, even unlaunched!

What's Included In The Sale?
  1. The complete website, including the domain name, all scripts, graphics, and source files. I'll also include additional ideas I had for the site, which I planned to incorporate in the future. One of those features, in particular, will absolutely explode the site's growth, and it won't be difficult to implement.
  2. Installation on the new server, if requested.
  3. A detailed Administration Guide, which will walk you through the process of managing the website (very simple using the admin panel).
  4. A pre-launch plan to help you generate awareness and buzz surrounding the system's launch.
  5. Administrative support for thirty (30) days following the sale. I'll also be available to answer questions you may have after the 30 days, within reason.
  6. I'll fix any bugs that pop up for free for ninety days (90), provided that it's a bug caused by the script as written, i.e. I can't fix for free bugs caused by changes you make to the script.
  7. Because I developed the system from scratch, I know all the ins and outs of the script. So, I'll be available to help with the programming of new features you may want to add down the road. Obviously, this won't be free. It will depend on the future and time require to develop it; but I'll be available to create them should you desire.
  8. If you go for the BIN (Buy It Now) and don't like the site's current look & feel, just have your own designer create a template and I'll integrate it. I can still do this if you don't go for the BIN, but I may have to charge extra, depending on the final sale price.

How Much?

Okay, we get down to it. I'm taking offers, so just post yours below or post that you're sending a PM with your offer and I'll consider it.

But understand something. This is not a 3rd party script full of bugs that will never be fixed, thrown together on a template and sold 50 million times. This is a custom built (I programmed it myself from scratch) system, and its potential is massive. So, although I'm desperate to sell, I'm not stupid. Don't send $200 offers. Ain't gonna happen!

Don't want to wait while I receive offers? Snatch it up now for:

BIN: $5,000

let's put this figure in context. On the other side of this launch, you can be making this amount per month! Get it anywhere near to where Allen has WF, and you could be making this amount plus, every single day.

This isn't your Adsense or Amazon flip. This is a full-fledged, custom-built community, the potential of which is extreme. Your offer must reflect that if you want me to take it seriously.

Any questions, just let me know. Thanks for your time!


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