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Unread 8th Oct 2013, 07:58 AM   #1
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[1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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Hi, I’m Verena.

Since 2010, my team and I have built 1000s of affiliate blogs for marketers here on the Warrior Forum. Here is my ''old'' mega thread.

We’ve also sold 1000s of blog template on and another of our mega Warrior Forum thread here.

We build gorgeous blogs. But unlike others, I don’t want to start out by pitching our services. Instead, I want to show you how to hire a good designer for your up-coming site.

Below is a comparison table between mediocre designers and professional designers.

Mediocre Designers Sell Time - We Sell Value

Here is why you will always have peace of mind when you hire us:

Our Track Record

Hiring via the Internet can be efficient but it does have its draw backs.

You might be hiring a part time student who’s making sites with Wordpress themes downloaded from torrent sites... and they probably don’t even realize it’s virus infected.

You can rest assured you don’t have those risks hiring us.

We’re a professional team with web designers, writers, and coders. We do all our work in house, no outsourcing.

We’ve built 1000s of affiliate sites since 2010 on the Warrior Forum. 100s of happy customers have left testimonials on our Forum’s thread.

We’re recommended in two outsourcing books.

We also own - a popular pre-made blog site.

Niche & Domain Suggestions

Picking out an exact match domain doesn’t guarantee success. gets 20k exact match search. Try to build an affiliate site around that topic. You’ll be lucky to make $20 a month.

Tell us your niche and we’ll research to see if it’s worth spending time and money on.

We’ll study the core keywords and LSI keywords to see if there is enough cumulative searches on the topic.

Since we have access to most of the top affiliate networks, we’ll also be able to tell if there are enough profitable products for monetization.

Website Visual Appeal

How many times have you clicked away from an amateur looked website immediately after finding it on a Google search?

When you’re hiring a designer remember this tip: pay attention to their sales page.

If a designer can't even design an eye popping sales page for their site - how can they make a great looking site for your project? Ask to see sample sites before you order.

Design now transcends the whole user experience. This is important for conversion and lowering bounce rate. Your content needs to be attractive; both in terms of graphic treatments and readability.

Conversion Optimization

Web users have developed ad blindness. It's not easy to attract and hold their attention.

What’s the best position on a site that attracts most clicks?

Only very experienced designers know.

Years of split test stats tells us what’s great and what’s bad. We don’t build what customers think will work. We build a site layout which brings our customers optimum conversions based on real-life testing.

Bounce Rate Optimization

Bounce rate is a measure of people who bounced off a single page (i.e., they did not visit any other pages within your website).

Google views all new Wordpress installs with suspicion. If your bounce rate is high, you’re not going to be awarded a good ranking on Google search.

Contrary to common knowledge, long articles don’t necessarily lower bounce rates. People have shorter attention spans than ever before.

So when they see long posts they will most likely click away. Make sense?

Not many web designers know this unless they’ve done intensive testing.

One more tip: Pop-ups are bad.

Usually they disrupt the user experience and raise your bounce rate fast!

Good designs, good navigation, and a few other things will reduce bounce rate. Leave it to us and you can enjoy peace of mind regarding your site's bounce rate.

On Site SEO

Title, description, h1 tags etc are huge for on page SEO. We’ll take care of all of them for you.

Not only that, we will make sure blog category and achieve pages are deindex to prevent duplicated content on your inner page (90% Wordpress designers don’t do this).

Also, we will set up internal links in the right way to optimize on site SEO. Plus a couple other crucial setting to prepare your site for backlink building.

Off Site SEO

I’ve seen so many free backlinks offers by web designers desperate for business.

What they usually do is just pay $5 for 100s of crappy links on fiverr.

Sending too many links from a bunch of spammy sites is very risky for a new site.

If you have these links pointing at your site you are going to take a hit by Google (real story).

We don’t do it.

Instead, we’ll show you how to do it right the first day and point you to the best backlink providers in the industry in case you want to outsource backlink building.

Guarantee Income

Why would a designer guarantee $100/m or $1000/m for each site made?

Why don’t they build themselves hundreds of these and make all the money?

This doesn’t make sense to us. The next time you want your money back, you better pray they’re still there.

Autoblog is Dead

Autoblogging hasn't worked since 2011.

And we still see people pitching autoblogs to newbies.

Most of the autoblogs using scripts to auto generate content have been blacklisted by Google and disappear from their usual ranking.

Google hates sites with auto-generated content.

Those are sites considered "not-providing value" to Google's users. It makes perfect sense for Google to do that to maintain high quality search results for their users.

Don’t order an autoblog. To rank your site up on Google you need unique, quality articles.

After Sales Support

Most designers will hand you your new site and you’re on your own.

Upon completion of your site, we’ll send you videos tutorials on how to manage/edit your site.

We even go further by showing you how to drive traffic to your site on this post Panda/Penguin Google space.

We offer 24H after sales support.

Need help? Drop me a line, and I'll be in touch in 24 hours. (My support email: admin@


You get what you pay for. Nothing great comes cheap.

Usually you don’t get decent sites for less than $100.

The math is simple:

1. 10 articles cost $50.

2. Stock photo providers like istock & shutterstock charges $5-7 per image. 10 images will cost us another $50.

Is your designer ‘’borrowing’’ images from Google images search?

If you plan for long-term growth why risk your site getting close down once DMCA letters start pouring in?

Was it worth saving that small amount of money only to be shut down?

Hire the best team for your new business, not the lowest price.

Enough Analysis

To get started, here’s the breakdown of my awesome process from concept to completion:

1. Tell me your target niche market. I’ll research it to see if it's a good one (good means a lot of money to be made)

2. We do all the work — recommend the best domain names, then build you an SEO optimized blog with unique quality posts written by professional English writers.

3. Monetize the blog with the best affiliate products in your niche and free blog installation.

What You Get

1. Domain name recommendations.

2. Nine highly optimized keyword blog post that are all written by English writers (I have a staff of native English writers).

3. Professional Design ($197 value). Gorgeous customization of a premium theme.

4. Free Installation. we’ll install the blog on your server.

5. On-Site SEO optimization.

6. Monetize the blog with affiliate products + CPA offers +Amazon store + Adsense.

7. Traffic generation guide that will show you how to drive massive targeted traffic to your blog!

So How Do You Make Money?

CPA: Tons of trial offers pay $40- $50 per lead! We’ll setup the hard stuff and add in your affiliate link.

Commission Junction: Tons of physical products here, guys!

Clickbank. We’ll set up 1-2 high converting Clickbank products on the blog’s side bar. Not only that, depending on your niche, we’ll set up another 1-2 Clickbank links on every post for you. All links go to different Clickbank products which pay between 50-75% commissions a pop! Amazon pays 4% - 8.5% per sale. we'll set up a complete Amazon aStore for you so that your visitors get to shop without leaving your blog. Sell anything you can think of!

Google Adsense. we'll set up an Adsense block on every blog post. Get paid for every click you get. It doesn't get any easier.

What Did The Others Say?

I Want To Order, But I Want A Discount!

My regular rate is $247 (proof)

We are expanding...

We’re now testing a new price to see if we can at least double our sales. If it works, we’ll run the same pricing on all our PPC and media buy campaigns in the future. If it doesn’t, we’ll go back to our regular rate.

And you’re in luck! We’re offering a 40% off our regular price right now - if you act fast!

Click the button below to secure your spot today at only $147.

I reserve the right to charge my regular rate as and when I choose, so order now at $147 while you can.

Once you’ve paid, drop me a line at admin@ and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours. We’ll take it from there.

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Unread 9th Oct 2013, 10:03 AM   #2
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Re: [1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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Unread 10th Oct 2013, 11:19 PM   #3
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Re: [1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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Verena did an amazing job on the niche blog and delivered right on time - definitely wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again

Learn How To Get Traffic To Your Site For Free, While Also Earning Commission!
> Click Here To Learn How <
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Unread 11th Oct 2013, 08:45 PM   #4
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Re: [1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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Verena got me a very attractive and functional website up and running for 1/4 of the price many other developers were quoting me for the job.

She delivered exactly what I had asked for and her customer service was always friendly and courteous.

Thanks for doing a quality job at a very reasonable price Verena. Now I can spend my time doing what I enjoy, which is blogging on my topic instead of slaving for hours over designing the website!

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Unread 14th Oct 2013, 09:37 AM   #5
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Re: [1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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Hello Everyone!

This is the first time I request a WSO from Verena.. and I want to let you know what my impression in her work is..

I have just received the totalgta5 site of this WSO that i requested from Verena.. She delivered exactly in the day she said that she will.

The quality of the site is real good in looks, simple but with the feel of a lot of content on it.

It is Easy to navigate. The Main menu items include:
Home (The main page)
About (About the site)
Contact (A basic contact form)
Videos (A full video Gallery with videos that will open in the same page in your website) I liked this feature, cause my visitors won't leave the site for a while.
Sitemap (an HTML sitemap for even easier navigation for the user)
Privacy (the mandatory Privacy policy page, really clear and understandable for anyone)
store (A full amazon webstore in your own site)

Site completeley have the basic needed pictures to look profesional

It also has Adsense, and a couple of solo ads that i requested for some clickbank products.

Think about how much a full website like this would have cost me in time and hiring Designers, WP Premium theme, Writers and then having to set up the site my self and i feel the back pain again...

I will surely keep working with Verena and her team for my future projects.

Thank you Verena! look forward to our next project.
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Unread 9th Nov 2013, 03:53 AM   #6
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Re: [1000s Sold, 40% Discount] Order a Premium Website - From The Best Web Designer Of 2013 !!!
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I just hired Verena to do a project authority site for me. So far I am rather impressed with the fast email communication. I will update as the project continues.

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