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Default - Quick movie ratings & reviews
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Hi Warriors,

Thanks for clicking on my thread. I'm looking for offers around $500 (USD). You can send me a private message here or send me an email to, or just post a reply below. Cheers.

Who am I?
Hi, my name is Alex Lewicki and I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I created three years ago, back in February, 2011.

What is
I thought I could do a better job than, and I was right. TenSecondScoop is the fastest movie review site on the net. It delivers critical information about a movie faster than my competitors. When you visit TSS, you get the most critical information about new wide-release movies instantaneously. Reviews are easily digestible and quick to read.

How does work?
We hand pick the best three reviews from the world’s most respected critics and display a quote from each to create a review. The user has the option to read more of that review.

Other important details are shown; such as the starring cast, director and writers (along with their previous work). Also running time and rating. We embed YouTube trailers at the bottom of each review.

The website is based on Wordpress which is the easiest way to run any website. No coding required. It’s hosted with Uber, an Australian hosting company. Yearly costs are $60 for the hosting and $16 for the domain.

Each review takes about 30 minutes to compile, which includes sharing the new review to our social media sites. There are usually one to three wide-release movies added each week. New trailers are uploaded to our YouTube channel. That takes 30-45 minutes. Most weeks TSS takes three or four hours to maintain. stats
Google Analytics, last 12 months
February, 2013
Visits: 55

March, 2013
Visits: 67

April, 2013
Visits: 65

May, 2013
Visits: 64

June, 2013 (I started to develop social media profiles)
Visits: 142

July, 2013
Visits: 420

August, 2013
Visits: 709

September, 2013
Visits: 456

October, 2013
Visits: 351

November, 2013
Visits: 361

December, 2013
Visits: 490

January, 2014
Visits: 400

February, 2014
Visits: 256

March, 2014
Visits: 233

Total unique visitors last 12 months: 2,952

Total pageviews last 12 months: 6,759

Total average visit duration: 2 minutes, 23 seconds

Pages/visit: 1.89

Bounce rate: 65.45%

New visits: 82.32%

Monthly visits increased dramatically from June when I improved my online presence. In some of those months, Twitter was responsible for making up half of the total traffic. Commenting and linking back from other popular movie review websites also sent me some extra traffic.

Google analytics reports that more than a third of traffic came from social sites, followed by direct traffic, organic traffic, then lastly, referral traffic. The ‘best-quality’ traffic seems to come from organic searches, with visitors staying an average of 5 minutes 23 seconds and a pages/visit rate of 2.93.

Google Webmaster tools (Only last three months of data avaliable)
November 14, 2013 - December 13, 2013
Queries: 62
Impressions: 2,249
Clicks: 24

December 14, 2013 - January 13, 2014
Queries: 141
Impressions: 4,598
Clicks: 44

January 14, 2014 - February 13, 2014
Queries: 117
Impressions: 2,409
Clicks: 24

February 14, 2014 - March 13, 2014
Queries: 97
Impressions: 2,063
Clicks: 5

March 14, 2014 - April 13, 2014
Queries: 272
Impressions: 19,139
Clicks: 12

Total queries last five months: 633
Total impressions last five months: 30,969
Total clicks last five months: 109

About a year ago average monthly impressions were under 300 a month. If growth continues in the same pattern as it did over the last 12 months, monthly impressions could be ranging from 20,000 - 40,000 a month.

Here are some interesting keyword searches that happened in the last three months that shows some of the potential TenSecondScoop has:

‘Anchorman 2’
Average position: 85 (page 9)
Impressions: 16
Clicks: 2

‘Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones’
Average position: 49 (page 5)
Impressions: 14
Clicks: 2

‘Paranormal Activity 5’
Average position: 57 (page 6)
Impressions: 14
Clicks: 1

‘Delivery Man Movie’
Average position: 110 (page 12)
Impressions: 1
Clicks: 1

‘Catching Fire Review’
Average position: 88 (page 9)
Impressions: 1
Clicks: 1

TenSecondScoop is ranked for quite a few blockbuster movie review Google searches, there are many more amongst the ones above.

Google Adsense
Estimated earnings: A$16.02
Clicks: 65
Page CTR: 0.37%
CPC: A$0.25
Page RPM: A$0.92

Estimated earnings: A$8.52
Clicks: 22
Page CTR: 0.64%
CPC: A$0.39
Page RPM: A$2.47

I’ve only ever used Google Adsense to monetize TenSecondScoop. I’ve experimented with many different ad placements over the last three months to try increase the Click-Through-Rate. Google won’t let me retrieve data from 2011 (about $6 was made from ad clicks). Over three years TenSecondScoop has made A$30+ from ad clicks.

TenSecondScoop Twitter account
Tweets: 89
Following: 51
Followers: 10,000+

Twitter has worked wonders for TSS. In June I became active in the movie review community and received plenty of followers - many of whom retweeted and favourited my tweets. User engagement has been great and I received some excellent feedback about TenSecondScoop from other Twitter users. My best tweet was the movie scores for ‘American Hustle’ on December 12, 2013 - the tweet was retweeted 20 times and favourited 17 times.

TenSecondScoop Facebook page
Likes: 1,460

The Facebook page hasn’t been as successful as Twitter, but I still update the page each week, TenSecondScoop receives a small amount of traffic from link clicks on posts.

TenSecondScoop Youtube account
Videos: 212
Created: 3 April 2011
Lifetime views: 110,054 (10,181 last 30 days)
Lifetime estimated minutes watched: 158,368
Subscribers: 41
Comments: 104
Shares: 92

YouTube has helped increase website exposure with our weekly trailer uploads, TenSecondScoop also receives a small amount of traffic each month from link clicks in video descriptions.

What potential does have?
TenSecondScoop has the potential to be an authority like TenSecondScoop’s unique selling point is that the information loads as soon as you enter the website, no need for extra clicks. Quick-to-read reviews caters for a newer audience that wants to know the latest movie scores in the shortest time. The website is optimized for mobile and tablet devices too.

Each month TenSecondScoop movies up higher and higher on google searches. It’s taken a long time for Google to appreciate TenSecondScoop but I’m sure sometime in the near future TenSecondScoop will be getting thousands of page views a day, just from Google searches.

Why I’ve decided to sell it
TenSecondScoop is going into its 4th year and I’ve put close to 2000 hours into this website, but Adsense earnings are not as high as I anticipated and so now I’ve decided to move on to new projects.

What you will receive
The new owner will receive full ownership of the following: domain name

-All website files, configurations, usernames and passwords

-The twitter account @TenSecondScoop

-The facebook account

-The youtube account TenSecondScoop

-Lifetime support from me. I will teach you everything you need to know about TenSecondScoop. If you ever have any questions, even years down the track, I’ll respond as quickly as I can. I want TenSecondScoop to succeed like crazy and will help as much as I can post-auction. I can accept PayPal or wire transfer for payment.

Thanks for viewing!

Alex Lewicki
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Re: - Quick movie ratings & reviews
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Re: - Quick movie ratings & reviews
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Originally Posted by solomonm View Post

Sent you a PM mate, sorry for the late reply.
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