Buying Established Sites on Flippa? Beware of Scams There!

by Rehmat
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If you need some established sites for your PBN or if you have decided to start your online business by purchasing an established site, then you might consider Flippa as your preferred marketplace. But beware that people are trying to steal your money there by offering some decent sites for sale through their FAKE ads. Yesterday, I found an ad about "" on Flippa but I decided to contact AndroidGuys administrators directly. This was the email I received in reply.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, however this is not us. We will have to look into how this ended up on the website.

Another strange thing, Flippa was showing that the site's Google Analytics is verified. But how? It reveals that Flippa's system isn't bulletproof and people may trick the system to show verified data about sites to scam people. I just want to beware you that never make any deal directly from Flippa, first contact being advertised site's administration through the real site and later make the deal on Flippa. It will save you from being scammed.
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    Hm, so it seems that Flippa needs some kind of site verification like we are used to from Google Webmaster tools. Our latest experience with Flippa is also not so bright.

    My "yet-not-so-experienced" business-partner bought website in auction without verified Google Adsense and Analytics data. It was PBN site built on expired domain with spun content. All traffic and Adsense clicks came from BOTs.

    I must say that Flippa agreed to cancel the sale (our 5.5k account wasn't damaged with negative feedback) but the most surprising moment of dispute was their customer service answer (before dispute sale request I sent them link to report on my blog):

    Dispute resolved automatically in buyer's favor due to bold traffic claims with no proof.
    They re-listed that site again between regular auctions.

    PS: I still like the Flippa.
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    flippa knows these shady things are going on, they just don't care as long as their getting theirs.
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