Start With PPC or Media Buys?

by kb24
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Which is better to start out with? I have gone the SEO route and I have made sales here and there but now I don't want to deal with google's changes all the time. If I continue with SEO I would outsource my writing (Im not a writer)..but that could get expensive and to wait to see results can take months.

With PPC and Media buys I have read this forum and google searched about it. I have done some media buys but on a small scale. Is there someone is this forum I can talk to who is experienced in this?

I can say this that and the other but it comes down to just doing it and learning on my own.. but then again I don't wanna just piss money away. Any suggestions?
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    Hi kb24,

    What works best for you will vary based on your particular market niche.

    In most cases I would recommend starting with PPC because of the rich data metrics that you can gather relatively quickly. When done properly you can use PPC campaigns to gather marketing insights that will inform you on what will likely work in other channels.

    After gaining marketing insights from your PPC campaign data, you can then implement those insights to the ads used in your media buy campaigns.
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    Anyone else?
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    ppc is comparatively easier for starters
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