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Which one is easier to make money in, especially for a beginner? I'm thinking about going into a mental health niche such as meditation, stress or depression, etc., or how to make money niche, but at the same time I'm thinking I should start with PPA first, on a site called CPALead. Which is the easier way for a noobie to get some start-up cash for future niche sites? I'd be using free affiliate marketing strategies because I have no money to invest, and that's why I'm considering PPA. What do you guys think?
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    Originally Posted by KelvinN View Post

    Which one is easier to make money in, especially for a beginner?
    Whatever form of offer you promote, in whatever niche, the basis of successful marketing is the same. It starts with building credibility, the perception of which is not helped by claims or suggestions of being able to advise people on topics you clearly - by your own admission - know little about. I'm pointing to your signature links, which are slightly undermined by the description of your own circumstances. Which in turn sours your reputation not just among potential buyers but anyone who might have considered reaching out to help you here.

    I'm not trying to be difficult. I'm just pointing out that the web has a way of making people feel detached - the cushion of anonymity, etc. Never forget you're dealing with real people. If you honestly believe they're even a fraction as naïve as this implies (it's not an uncommon mistake to make, to be fair) you'll be in for a great deal of frustration and won't have to be in the game long before it hits you.

    Strike "make money online" off your list for now. It's all incredibly competitive, really, however much you try to narrow it down to something specific. In other markets it might be Kevlar vests vs. wife beaters; in MMO it's basically whatever irresistible profit-puller you're pitching vs. every other. It's fickle. Or maybe just logical: money's money. Huge numbers - perhaps a majority - of prospects in this market are unsure what they're looking for. Just money. The only other thing you can rely on on is the bigger players knowing a thing or two more than you about reeling in the catch.

    That aside, I'd say you're actually better off with 'regular' affiliate marketing over PPA. Although it's pretty broadly defined and depends on how discerning you are. Still, I'd say that it's a pretty tall order to be a PPA beginner and expect a substantial enough volume of suitable traffic to gain any real traction. Traffic is pretty hard to come by as it is when you're starting from go, and the appeal of a lot of these sorts of offers is a tad perplexing to put it mildly. Start with something 'real' and get building a mailing list ASAP so you have a chance to nurture subscribers by reaching out with stuff (inc. offers) that appeals and won't immediately make them gag. Remember: trust is king. Loyalty will bring you security, repeat custom and lower buyers' resistance to higher ticket sales over the long run. A solid footing will help you now, as you're starting out, too, because the short-term is really just the long-term topped and tailed.
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      @DireStraights may be a bit harsh on his message but one point he makes is without a doubt is true and that is scratch off "make money online" from your list of priorities . If you dont know your niche inside out you wont make squat. Some people who are ninjas at marketing might pull it out of the hat without niche experience, but not a noob.

      This is no get rich quick game. You need to know your customers and how to tackle your competition.
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    Thanks for the replies. My first success ever was in the MMO niche and I think I can do it again. I've done lots of research on plenty of make money online subjects, I just don't have enough money to invest in something great. I know the basics of affiliate marketing, and lots of other methods of making money online, so why couldn't I be an affiliate marketer promoting other MMO niches? All I'd have to do is put up advertisements which I think I could probably do. I think the MMO niche is a really good idea and especially if I'm promoting trustworthy products with many customers and lots of feed back. To be honest, I'm not interested in researching and becoming a pro of any most profitable niches that have affiliate programs. I'm more interested in meditation and health stuff, but I'm not a pro in that yet, but I will be soon, and once I will I want to have enough money to invest in my creations so I can earn cash through my passion; health stuff. And...I think the MMO niche can help me get there, if I really put my mind to it and start taking action.

    Anyways, yeah thanks for the tips and stuff. I'm definitely starting with affiliate marketing to begin with and I'll probably do PPA on the side, for movie downloads,game downloads,etc..
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