## Want to Know Bing Ads Account Review Contraints... !

by kicku
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Hi All,
I want to receive all your valuable suggession to keep my bing ads A/c alive and how to run campaigns...

I've created a new bing ads account and added my coupon. The coupon successfully added but my ads not delivering. I don't know the reason everything is fine from my a/c side like campaign showing green symbol and account status : Active.

Previously i've created one bing ads account and added coupon but my a/c closed without delivering ads....

So finally I want to know what contraints does bing following to keep the a/c alive and to run the ads?

And what precautions i need to take to keep my bing ads account alive?

Eagerly Waiting for your Precious Suggessions...

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    Not enough info.

    Perhaps a screenshoot will help?

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    In order to use your coupon you should add a payment method as long as I can remember
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    @ Dreadsilence , i've already added payment method and created campaigns as per editorial guidelines. Status and everything showing fine....but ads not deliverying...and they frequently blocking accounts....i don't know why?
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    You don't tell us how long it is since you created the ad.
    Bing use up to 24 hours to activate the ads.

    I also advise you to contact Bing support who is live almost 24/7.
    They will give you a 100% advocate answer to your problem. In here you will only get guesses and speculations since none of us have access to your Bing account or work for Bing.

    - Oddvar.
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      I recommend staying away from coupons, as accounts that are started with these are instantly flagged for potential abuse. Also, make sure your landing pages do not have any pop ups (intro or exit) and/or auto play videos. They will ban your account eventually if these show up.

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    You need to contact bing live chat and after they will help you to activate everything. Exactly this happened to me too.When i contacted support with live chat they activated my account immediately.

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