would i receive money from google adsense

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i recently started google adsense.now it shows i earned over 50 gbp today.and i feel like its fake.now it is true i have good amount of visitors visiting my website.but the thing is this is my first time and it is a good surprise.so would i receive my earnings really ?
other thing is when i start receiving my earnings.as i am still not able to select the payment method.i am really anxious to receive my money.
can any give me detailed answer ?
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    Adsense pays out at $100 US. You will not get paid until you reach $100 US in earnings.

    Congrats on your successful start.

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    yes i have crossed that threshhold.can you tell me if i started 10 november.then roughly what would be the date of my payment ?
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    Be happy with your success. Its great that you have earned such a good amount. Keep patience and be happy. You will surely reach a good amount window very soon.
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    Yes, Google Ad words will pay you but after a certain period of time. Congrats and Best of luck for your good start.

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      Now double your money and make it stack, we're warriors.
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    Congrats on your successful start.

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