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I was thinking to start PPC campaign for my graphic and web design service.
Does anyone has any experience about it, will it work for services like logo design,brochure design and website design.
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    Yes, it can be made profitable as long as your services are good, and prices are calculated accordingly.
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      Hi Nauman,

      Yes, PPC advertising will work for those types of services. Especially in regard to Search ads. With search ads you are able to target the exact people interested in your services, at the exact moment they are interested.

      Use a keyword research tool like the AdWords Keyword Planner to find keywords that have adequate search volume. Be sure to choose your target keywords carefully. Select keywords that are extremely relevant, and that have high commercial intent. Avoid keywords that are used by information seekers.

      Pro tip: Avoid keywords that show low competition in the keyword Planner tool, as they will likely have low commercial intent.

      Keep the number of keywords in each ad group very short and tightly focused around a single search term so that you can craft ad text that precisely matches the wording and intent of the search term expression.

      Write multiple ads for each ad group, focus on a single selling point within each individual ad, using a different selling points in each of the ads within the group so that you can measure and learn which selling points your target audience will respond to favorably.

      Select the most appropriate landing page for each ad group, ideally not your homepage, but the page that features the service your users expressed interest in by the search term used o find your ad.

      Monitor you campaigns closely using analytical tracking software like Google Analytics, and make adjustments as you gain insights from your data. As soon as you have enough data to see which selling points are getting best responses, pause the poor performing ads and write more ads like the winners.

      Of course there is so much more to learn besides these few pointers I have shared, do follow this advice to get started down the right path. Feel free to come back and post any specific questions you have about getting started.
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      Originally Posted by yoangov View Post

      Yes, it can be made profitable as long as your services are good, and prices are calculated accordingly.
      Using ppc campaign can be profitable if you are setting your campaigns correctly.
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    Thanks Warriors.. For your kind suggestions.

    It will help me alot..


    Nauman K
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    Yes it can be made profitable as it allows web site owners the opportunity to buy their way to better positions on search results pages with their choosen keywords. And this paid search operations will improve your performance resulting in breakthrough leads and sales.
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