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It is an informational keyword, like this example "best paleo cooking recipes".

Is this like a huge potential ?? I would pay 0.01 cent to Adwords to keep my site at the top. How to monetize, first thing that comes on my mind is CPA, with a scheme: AdWords --> Youtube -> CPA

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    Hi SpaceSerbian,

    I wouldn't get too excited, the data shows that informational search terms generally have poor conversion rates.

    Informational search terms are the polar opposite of search terms with high commercial intent. Generally speaking, informational search terms will have very poor conversion rates as compared to terms with high commercial intent. That is why you see that the Keyword Planner tool shows low competition for advertising space. It's likely that advertisers have already tested this keyword and found it of very low value per click.

    Having said that, you can sometimes make low converting keywords payoff if the CPC is low enough and if you find a clever way to excite and entice your audience into converting. It may be worthwhile to run some tests to see if you can get a positive ROI.
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    Unless you actually run the keyword, you really won't know the actual impression count, click numbers and bid to be in the #1 spot. These keyword tools that forecast average monthly searches etc are always a bit off.

    I would just run the keyword for a few days and see how many clicks you really get in that top spot. At a few cents a click this should be a very quick and easy test-exercise

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    Can I put a Youtube video link in regular AdWords? I mean Google Adwords not Youtube Adwords.
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    the keyword tool usually isn't that accurate.
    It will cost you way more than 0.01 to get any traffic from google most likely, unless it is
    from a really inexpensive country on the content network.
    I dont think i've ever gotten one cent clicks in the years that i've been doing this.
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      IMO Information keywords are usually a sign of freebie seekers. You should concentrate on buyer keywords "I want", "I need", "I must" etc
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    Just go ahead and test. That's simply the best way to get answers
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    I tested this and put YTB video in the ad. But Google's estimated bid is over 3$ and it didn't allow me to bid low. I even tried with 2$ per click but even that is low, with an average "quality score".

    Google know that this keywords cost much more because it is an expensive niche. And even nobody is advertising it won't let me bid low. Monopolly at work.

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