Killing Trick to Increase Your AdSense Earnings Right Now!

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Now you can increase your adsense account earnings upto 40% right now! I found this trick few days back and now i am going to reveal my trick to you. From this you can increase your monthly revenue in no time
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    Hi Faheem,

    Welcome to the SEM board here at the Warrior Forum.

    That's an old trick that doesn't actually work.

    Reducing the pool of advertisers competing for ad space on your website tends to lower your overall earnings, which is the exact opposite of your implied benefit.

    That same theory has been promulgated on this forum for years, and always with the same disastrous results for those that fall for it.

    Besides, you point to tools like Keywordspy that don't even report data for the Display Network. Your using data for the Search Network which is not remotely accurate for the Display Network which is where advertisers purchase ad space from AdSense publishers. Clearly you have no idea of what you are doing. Hang around this forum for a while and you may learn a few things that are actually useful.
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    nice trick thanks for sharing
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    Thanks for sharing bro!
    This Trick is really Good, let me also try it.

    Everything about Top 10 lists: AllTimeBest

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    thanks all for appreciating
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