Has anyone tried advertising eBook/Course on FB?

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I'm not talking about money making systems/ebooks/courses. From what I remember last, they don't really like those.

A close family friend has released a complete system of 100 pages ebook + 3-4 training videos in the self-development niche.

We met yesterday, and I told her what I do for living, and she asked me if she can advertise on FB.

Well, anyone tried it? I'm not asking about your results, but rather how Facebook's approval team feels about it.

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    Are you wanting information on the self-help niche and advertising on FB, or just eBooks/courses in general?

    I'm currently advertising one of my eBooks on Facebook and it's going good so far. The eBook/system is in the IT/virus security niche.

    Actually my first time advertising with them so I don't have too much experience to know how it could go any worse. But I haven't had any difficulties getting my ads approved.
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      One of my clients has been advertising music DVD courses on Facebook for years. As long as your friend's product isn't controversial, she should be fine.

      Here's some links to Facebook policy guidelines so you can check to see if there are any relevant restrictions:

      Rules for Specific Niches
      Prohibited Content
      Community Standards

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