My Book Ads are NOT converting. Why?

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Hello Fellow IM'ers.

As some of you may know I've been promoting a book about the NFL for 2 months.
So far I've dropped abour $1,100 on Facebook Ads, and conversions are extremely low. I've run Facebook Ads targeted to Groups/Niches, I have run Like campaigns, I have paid for Boosted posts.

Now when I check the Analytics, I have about 20-30 site visits a day. But why 0 sales? This doesn't make any sense...frustrated.
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    Link? Might help people analyze what's going wrong...
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      Hi moneymagneto,

      The key concepts for successful marketing include market segmentation and testing.

      Clues to your conversion issues can be found in segmenting your website analytical data. Have you tried that yet? If so, what insights did you gain?

      How about testing? Have you tested various value propositions, selling points, brand positioning, price points? By setting up split tests that are designed to compare various key selling points, you can gain insight into the various segments of your audience. The behavior of your audience in response to split tests will help you see exactly what works and what does not work. Those insights will help you refine you marketing messages, website content, and audience targeting to focus on the most responsive campaign performance.

      By the way, 20-30 visits is not a lot, have you filtered bot traffic from those visits to get unique visitors? I typically see that many daily visitors on brand new ecommerce websites that I haven't even began promoting yet.

      Without seeing your book and your marketing messages I can only guess as to what your issues might be. Here are two of the most common I see on new websites:

      1. Clarity - many new marketers fail to make it clear what they are selling, why someone should want it, and exactly what action they want visitors to take. They often make the assumption that everyone knows all of those things and wonder why no one is purchasing when they leave out one or more of those crucial items.

      Another issue related to clarity is utility value. You cannot assume that your visitors will figure out all on their own what the value of your offer is, you most spell it out clearly with specific detail if you want users to take action.

      2. Generalization - Often I see messages that are general rather than specific, perhaps due to a desire to cast a wide net. Your visitors want specific information and abhor over-generalized language. When you speak in "general" terms your ideas and thoughts do not always form crystal clear pictures in the mind of the prospect. The right sequence of mental imagery is what tends to trigger action.

      Likewise, targeting a "general" audience rather than a very narrow audience segment, leads to poor conversion rates.Your audience responds when you speak to them personally and specifically, and often do not respond if they feel you are not speaking specifically to them.

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    Are you including the price of your product in your Facebook ads?
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    There could be one hundred things wrong here, it's impossible to say without knowing your site or seeing the PPC landing page.

    I'd say the problem is probably your landing page not being optimized for conversions/sales, as opposed to the PPC traffic itself.
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      Google Hugh Ray Football - This is the website. We have Social Media setup, etc.

      I have about a $500 budget left for Ad spending but don't want it going down the toilet.
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  • I don't know what your ads say but it could be a problem.

    I'm also guessing you are targeting on FB all those with an interest in football. Hopefully you are distinguishing between American football and soccer.

    The problem is that not all football followers will be interested in your book. Most fans are interested in their team and the next game. Only a small percentage will be interested in the general history just as only a small percentage are into the stats or involved in fantasy leagues or other things other than enjoying the game and their team once a week.

    Your ad has to make that clear. Targeting those with an interest in football is good but you are still trying to get them interested, they are not actively searching for a book about history such as yours. Targeting the proper demographic is good but it is better to target those actively searching for what you offer. I suggest search campaigns on Google and Bing for starters. A keyword I'm thinking of is "nfl history book" and of course "hugh ray" and variations on those themes.

    Your landing page also has to be clear and written to excite the reader and want to buy your book. I'm not sure yours does that effectively. I would certainly test different pages and text.
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    When I googled you you were not on page 1.

    Anyway. Big bright colours signify cheap pricing right. A bit like a sale sign so when you have such bold colours and a bold product why can't I see the price before I hit buy now?

    Maybe test putting a price quite boldly on the book cover because it would be congruent with the general flavor for the site.

    People don't want to click a BUY NOW button when there isn't a price.

    Maybe there's part of your problem
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    I saw a Wikipedia page come up at the top and then a Hall of Fame site. I found your site through the Twitter link.

    You need a better hook for a headline. How does the Einstein of football apply to the person who is visiting your site? How does it help them? Why would anyone want to optimize their football IQ?

    The advertising language doesn't make sense and doesn't clearly state the benefits for the target audience.

    If you have research on your audience, I'd focus on what they want or need, appeal to their ego/vanity and use that in a headline and ad copy.

    The graphics are great, but the copy needs to appeal to the audience and why they must have this book.
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    Conversions depend on many things.

    - Niche (Is something people will pay for?)
    - Pricing
    - Scarcity (Lack of it)
    - Site Design
    - Incentives (Are You Using Bonuses?)
    - Testimonials (Are You Using Them)

    Don't know your page but if you're getting targeted traffic maybe you could check some of these things.

    Best Regards,

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    Could be alot of factors
    -ads attracting the wrong audience
    -lander not converting
    -price is framed too high

    As others have mentioned, posting some screenshoots will help us to help you.

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    Basically you need to change ads after a few hours , if they won't convert into sales, you need to test different ads parameter and stuck with the ads which will provide you better result , in online marketing you need to be practical and proactive ..try to create ads with some bold price tags and idea which is different than others because buyers will buy anything , if they found out some thing new and extra ordinary as compare to others

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    My impression is that a lot of people are not interested in reading a history book in the sports world. We spent around $1,500 on FB Ads and only a few conversions. Twitter was utterly useless, and amounted to 2 sales out of 190 followers. The followers stay static, and for some reason won't go above 190.

    FB gets thousands of impressions yes no sales, doesn't make any sense.
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    Probably to increase sales landing page optimization and user friendly website with easy call to action needs to be kept which would be included to increase sales and conversions to the website.
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    There is plenty of stuff wrong on your landing page (when visited from google).

    You don't even have a clear call to action.

    I suggest you read more the forums, then go back to FB. You can literally sell almost anything on FB, and your product is not an exception in my opinion.

    Good luck!
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    Change the plan, try to find out what is the problem and then get a solution. Don't get upset you will finally achieve your target someday if you will work hard with full determination.
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