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Hey guys, I'm new to CPA and was wondering if you could help me?

I have a sports blog and in the text of posts I'll link to affiliate links. I received an adwords coupon. The affiliate offer says no search traffic, so would I not be able to use adwords for the homepage of my website at all? Or would it be okay as long as I don't promote that particular post or it's affiliate link directly on adwords?

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    Hi iamanewbie23,

    That is a question you should be posing to your merchants' affiliate manager(s).

    From the little bit you posted I would guess they are telling you to not direct link from ads on search engines. Or they might be telling you that you are not permitted to advertise on search using their product name. Ask the affiliate manager to clarify if it isn't clear in their communications.

    Fortunately for you AdWords is much more than just search advertising. They have the largest display network in the world so you could, in theory, use display ads on the Display Network, or mobile apps, or Youtube. You can reach more than 80% of all Internet users on AdWords without even using their search network.
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    You would be better to find a number of affiliate offers to promote in your niche - then send adwords traffic into a page on your blog where you can ask people to sign up to your newsletter - from their, promote your own offers (if you have any) and also introduce affiliate offers to your list.

    That way, the traffic you send to your site from Adwords is designed to build your list - this is far more profitable in the long run than sending traffic (at a cost) into your blog and hoping they might read an article and click through to an offer and then buy..

    PM me if you like and I'd be happy to talk with you in more detail if you need.
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