What's Your Avg QS and CPC on Bing Ads While promoting Affiliate products?

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Hi, I was wondering to know ..........
1. What's your avg Quality Score while promoting Affiliate Products?
2. What's your avg cpc? I know it depends on so many variables like QC, KW and niche. But I just need to know the avg

And then Finally, What do you do to imporve QS on Bing ads?

Al amin
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  • Quality Score has nothing to do with what you are promoting, whether your own products or an affiliate's. You'll therefore get QS from 1 to 10 depending on the talents of those advertising the products.

    Same thing can be said of CPC. QS determines your CPC and a bunch of other factors, including the niche. Knowing an average CPC, while an interesting fact, is a useless one.

    QS, or a similar idea, is used by pretty much by all ad networks. The main component of it is your CTR. It is compared in many different ways (by position, geography) to your competitors. Have a better CTR than the average competitor for your keyword, you'll have a higher QS. To increase the CTR on your ads, have better ads with relevant keywords.
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