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Does anybody know if adding a batch of bad keywords can bring a good account down temporarily. I am a bit confused and not sure if its a normal blip, a december issue with people thinking of christmas as i advertise financial products or new KW's i have added, ie

campaign doing well then i added about 10 ad groups of 20 KW's each which i thought would work but

Low QS's ( between 2 - 6/10 ) then google straight away started asking for ridiculous bids to stay on the 1st page so after a couple of weeks just paused all of the KW's.

I will monitor to see whats going on but its very confusing.

many thanks for any help in advance

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    Yes, that can happen - I wouldn't be too concerned so long as you have tracking in place and are collecting conversion data. Google doesn't want you to stop spending your money so even if you have added a bunch of bad ad groups and keywords Google's algorithm should return to the ad groups and keywords that did convert initially before you added new groups/keywords - it may take a few days or a week or so but your campaign should return to profitability if you continue to run it.

    Alternatively, if you've been using Google's Adwords' editor you can simply go back to how the campaign was before you made the recent changes.

    Hope this helps!
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      hi Neil

      it does help

      many thanks, its appreciated

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    Adwords has great leeway and that is when Google wants to earn more from you.
    I advise you not to add 20 keywords/ ad group. It is like making Google confused as all the keywords would vie hard to trigger the corresponding ad in the auction. So, it would pave way for low QS or many keywords below the first page bid.

    Instead, try a wiser approach to keep 2-4 keywords/ad group and make sure the ad group is in sync with the theme of your offerings.

    Let me know if that does not work
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    SKAG it --- single keyword ad groups.

    And try to come up with negatives as it will help CTR.
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    Yes, this is true.If quality score goes below average google asks for a huge amount for that particular keyword and with its bid going more and more and finally the ads gets stopped..
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      Hi G,

      Yes indeed, adding keywords that earn a poor quality and leaving them running can bring down your account level quality score. You should immediately pause keywords that have poor quality scores and try to fix the issue, or delete those keywords from your account.

      Exactly which action you should take depends on why they have earned such low Quality Score ratings. The first thing to do is check your Search Terms report to see if you are getting a bunch of irrelevant search terms triggering your ads, if so, add negative match keywords to prevent those irrelevant terms from triggering impressions. Also consider changing the match type to phrase or exact match.

      Next, look at the individual keyword CTRs. If a keyword has a lot of impressions but a low CTR, then it is probably too general, you need highly specific keywords for best performance. Again the Search Terms report will have clues as to why they are performing poorly. If you see a keyword that is performing poorly and it is highly specific, not too general, and you see no irrelevant search terms trigger ads, run a keyword diagnosis report to gather more details. If you need help interpreting the results of this report, let us know.

      Also, check to make sure you are using very tightly themed ad groups and that you are including the keyword in your ad text. If not, split your keywords into tightly themed ad groups and write ads that target the specific keywords included in the ad group, using very specific terms for that ad group theme.

      Finally, make sure that you are using at least 2-4 different ads per ad group, with each ad within the group focused on a different selling point, this will help you to identify which selling points are generating the most engagement.

      Once you have enough data to identify the selling points that generate relatively poor CTR, rewrite those ads using selling points that your audience responds to the most. This will increase your ad groups CTR and improve the Quality score for your keywords.

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