Best way to use Facebook ads?

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Hey. I'm going to start Facebook ads once I get my Facebook page done & was wondering what is the best way to make sales? I've added all of my articles from my blog but is there anything else I should do? Thanks
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    Make your promoted posts action oriented. The copy should be directive, the image attention grabbing and shareable.
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      Originally Posted by tdanz View Post

      Make your promoted posts action oriented. The copy should be directive, the image attention grabbing and shareable.
      Sounds good. Hoping to get some likes & shares for it & will keep you all updated as it goes


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    Read their guidelines or at least watch a video or two about their
    add policies and make sure your ads follow that policy. They will
    ban you advertising account(s) if your ads been disapproved x amounts of times.

    Refrain from promoting "make money online" or anything that deals with making
    larges amounts of money. Their advertising team will become annoyed if your promoting
    these offers if they don't comply with their TOS.

    Also make sure you understand their image policy when adding images
    to your advertisements. To be on the safe side, just spend about a good day
    going through their policies and searching around the forums for more insight.

    Hopes this help bro !
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    Yes this is the best method to promote your business and also increase the sale of your products across the worldwide.
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    Check out what your competitors are doing and try to do the same think. The truth is, if you see and add couple of times there is a big chance that that add is making money to someone else otherwise they wouldn't keep running it.

    So after you find an add, try to copy him and you will get similar results!
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    I recommend following Jon Loomer + Justin Brooke + Ryan Deiss + Matt Thompson. It's a lot to learn but you'll figure out some of the best practices. Also look into native ads.
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    To make sales, through facebook, one needs to go for facebook advertising with a good landing page which would help in better reach and conversions to the website..
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    • Have you planned your campaign yet?

      Stuff like... If you wanna do opt-ins, then
      low ticket offer, then upsell 1, then upsell
      2? Or just go evergreen with a webinar?

      Do you have your targeting in place? What
      keywords, what ages, what genders, what

      Do you have your ad creatives brainstormed?
      The copy? The image? The headline?

      What about the lead magnets? The follow up
      sequence in case you're going for the opt-in?

      Do you know how to properly setup your campaigns
      the smart way?

      Do you have your FB pixels for each part of your
      funnel so you can leverage your audience?

      If you need some help with the targeting and
      creating smart campaigns, read this report
      I wrote

      Beside the report, I recommend social media ad
      genius from Curt Maly. So far, the best course
      available for purchase at the moment, or if you
      can get your hands on Justin Brooke's FB bulletproof
      course, go with that one.

      Also, FWIW, read the FB guidelines. I don't know your
      market, but a couple of universal rules are not to make any claim
      what so ever, have your privacy policy + disclaimers + contact
      us + about us links inside every single page, avoid a huge
      bounce rate because this can decrease your account QS,
      and make sure your site is safe in Web of Trust, so it is
      either green or gray.
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