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Can Paid To Click sites be a good way to earn online?
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    Very tiny amounts of money only ... if you can even successfully identify the ones that pay people reliably.

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    Originally Posted by marbiz View Post

    Can Paid To Click sites be a good way to earn online?
    The best way to earn money from PTC is to pretend to offer programs that will click on ads. This way many lazy/dishonest clickers will grab the software.

    Of course the software you offer them will actually be a Bitcoin miner that mines for your account

    Naturally this method is illegal and should be avoided but this is what's actually going on.
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    Only if you focus on referring other people.

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    I think PTC sites are a bit misunderstood in the IM community.

    You can actually make quite a good passive income with PTC sites IF it's done right.

    There are certain rules that you need to follow if you plan on making money from PTC sites.

    Let me first say, though, if you are looking to get rich or even make any kind of income you can live on from these sites, that's not very likely to happen.

    There are 2 major PTC sites who are 100% reputable and you will always get paid. They are Neobux & Clixsense. There are a few other solid ones who have been around a while and are on the level. However, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, that are a waste of time. These sites crop up like wildfire, but most of them don't last because they can't recruit enough members who actually participate and click ads. All that being said, the people that own successful PTC sites make damn good money from them.

    So how do they work? Well for most people (the people who make peanuts from them and basically waste their time), they click a series of timed ads and every time they watch an ad from start to finish, they get paid. Now when I say "paid," I mean they make like half a cent or at most 1 or 2 cents for each ad they click. Obviously nobody is getting rich like that.

    The way people make really good money from these sites is by getting referrals, who are people that sign up for the PTC site under their referral, or affiliate link. Now they get a small percentage of money for every ad that their referral clicks. Some of these sites even pay levels deep, which means you can even get a cut from people that your referrals refer.

    You won't make much money from having just 1 referral, or even 10 or 20. In fact, you usually won't start making money until you have hundreds, or even thousands of referrals. You must be thinking that it would take years to get that many referrals, and normally you'd be right. Except that some of these sites allow you to purchase, or "rent" referrals from them. These are people who were not referred by anyone else, so the site is free to sell them to you. Some sites sell them outright and they're yours forever, and some sites rent them to you for a monthly fee. Usually these referrals are active to very active, so you don't normally lose money on a rental.

    Also, I have discovered several ways to add lots of people to my list from the PTC community. The leads don't come from the PTC sites themselves. I have found a few good sites to advertise my squeeze page on, and my funnel is designed to turn the lead into a referral for me. This way I am adding them to my list and I am also getting them on board as one of my referrals. Roughly half of them don't really get involved in clicking on the ads, so I don't make any money from them through the PTC site. However, I still have them on my list and can market to them that way.

    A VERY important element of making money from these leads is knowing how, and more importantly, what, to market to them. You have to understand they are not going to bite on the traditional type of products you would normally promote to a regular IM/MMO oriented list.

    Basically, you have to know what they are interested in, and market those things to them. They are obvioiusly interested in PTC sites. Many are interested in completing surveys. This means that CPA can be a good thing to market to them. I have integrated CPA offers into my funnel and done very well that way.

    It's important to understand that I'm not building a list from the PTC sites themselves. I'm building a list from traffic sources (paid), that I uncovered that are loaded with people who are interested in PTC, banner exchange sites, safelists, traffic exchanges, etc. It's that type of community.

    Many people in the IM community dismiss these leads as freebie seekers and GRQ (get rich quick) types. And to a certain extent that's true, but something that needs to be considered is the fact that these people are looking for ways to make money online, just like you and I did one day. Why shouldn't you be the one to show them how to do it? Believe me, I have helped lots of these people make a buck, and many have become regular customers that have probably bought dozens of products from me.

    So, I disagree with those who say PTC sites are a waste of time. If you are going to join 50 of them and click ads and make $3 a day combined, then yes, it's a total waste of time. If you are willing to think outside the box a little, however, you'd be surprised what you might find out there!
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    Originally Posted by marbiz View Post

    Can Paid To Click sites be a good way to earn online?
    Can you earn money? Yes...

    Would I ever recommend it? No.

    I assume you're aiming for a decent profit that can allow you to either spend some extra cash or work towards building a full time income. If that's the case... then seriously don't waste your time with it.

    There are numerous ways to earn a better income. You would probably do even better on Fiverr than waste hours upon hours scraping a $ here and there.

    What do you enjoy doing? Are you following any marketers online at the moment and that you could see yourself doing?
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    You can earn very little money this way. But there are people that are making few hundreds every month with lots of referrals.
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      Originally Posted by eman2011 View Post

      You can earn very little money this way. But there are people that are making few hundreds every month with lots of referrals.
      But getting direct referrals requires a lot o work
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    Yes... I will say... I have been long in the PTC industry. I earn really well from PTC opportunities and I see many come and go in no time. Currently, the best or the highest paying website in the industry would be Paidverts from my experience.

    If you want to talk more about the opportunity, let me know. I can personally help you to understand how to develop strategies to make it worthwhile.
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