$300 With Bing ads. Any recommendation?

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Hi, Experts here. I want to invest $300 on Bing ads. Where should I start. Should I start with clickbank if so which niche?
I know the theories like You need to test with that $300 and find out the winner, Build list and then follow up, Health, finance works better etc. That's cool

But All I need to know your experience. What's worked best for you? And what didn't.

Thanks in advance.
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    Before investing real money on bing PPC, you may use their coupons to kick start your campaigns. They provide vouchers for the newly created accounts. I am expert in bing PPC. If you need any kind of assistance, feel free to contact.
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    Yes, ClickBank is a good way to start but you need to have a good landing page.
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    Get 50$ coupon/voucher first. Use it to learn some basics skill about Bing Ads (how they work, how to make ads, how to bid on keywords....)

    Then invest your $300. I used to use Clickbank direct linking with Bing ads and got some sales but it's not working anymore. People say that your should create a landing page which is pre-selling the products and then link to your affiliate link or build a list and send your subscribers offer after send them high quality information
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    Thanks all of you. Which niche worded best for you guys?
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    The best way is to use landing pages instead of direct link to your sales page?
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    Al amin, no matter where you go. The answer you get back will always be the same.

    1. Use a lander.
    2. No one will reveal their best niche.
    3. If they do, there is no way you can outbid, outlast or outmanoeuvre them without a lander.

    So conclusion?

    Use a lander.

    Offers 1-1 Coaching for Bing/CPA/Clickbank.
    1,248 students have benefited so far!
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      i think u can try these 4 niches:
      1. insurance
      2. finance
      3. job vacancy/business opportunity
      4. health and beauty
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    Gaming leads worked well for me. I've heard loans are good too but never tried personally. $300 careful not to burn your budget tho, set a daily budget watch your campaign closely. Personally I don't pay more than $0.40 per click, but that's cos my offers pay low. Depends on how much your offers pay.
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    You can promote practically any niche on Bing Ads.
    I prefer CPA offers over to ClickBank since you dont need to make a sale every time to make money.
    Also, you might wanna take a look at Pay Per Call offers they're pretty hot right now.
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    ClickBank will work but the sales are fewer and far between and you have to have the right products to make it work. The problem is you need to get a sale to get paid back so you will have to spend more on testing without an immediate return like you could see in CPA. If you go w/ ClickBank use CBEngine.com to narrow down what products you want to promote. CPA can give you quicker returns but you have to keep click costs down or the margins can be slim. Talk to your affiliate manager they can usually recommend products for the traffic source.
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    Find something VERY targeted
    Like life insurance for 70-year-olds with melanoma, who live in Queens, NY.
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