eLeavers and Clickbank (my experience)

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$8 spent left me with:

7041 impressions
146 clicks
0 sales

I picked a product with low gravity, which should mean less people marketing it. I entered all the relevant keywords. I kept telling myself I would have a sale today. No joy. If I am doing something incorrectly, I invite those who know to come forward now.

Do I HAVE to build a website? Wouldn't that just be another couple hundred dollars toward something that will most likely not pan out?
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    146 clicks for $8 would be great - except that none converted.


    The ad is misleading - meaning they clicked through but there was a mismatch to expectations on the landing page, or...

    The landing page sucks and doesn't convert.
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    This site? eLeavers.com Alternative To Google AdSense | Advertising And Marketing NetWork | Google AdSense AdWords Alternative

    What kind of website would use that for advertising? Even if you got banned by AdSense you could easily sign up for BlogAds or BuySellAds.
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    a better approach is to setup a squeeze page to capture the email adress and use the autoresponder to presell the product for you
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    It's all on how you use the tools.

    Are your keywords laser focused on what your offer is?
    Are your ads compelling and help pre-sell your product?
    Is your landing page convincing and good at closing the sale?

    If keywords are too generic, you'll get lesser quality clicks. If your ads are not compelling, few will click and those who do may not be of high quality. If your page's sales message is poor, few will buy.

    It doesn't matter if you sell your own product or someone else's or which ad network you use. If you do one or all of those things poorly, you will have poor results.
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    Ok so first of all,

    In my own personal experience direct linking to CB products using paid traffic (PPC and display) can be a disaster. I have had as many as 400 clicks to a decent CB product and no sales.

    Also, most people would not consider low gravity to be good indicator of a product that converts well, regardless of who else is promoting it. You need a product that sells.
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    These sorts of low tier ad networks can sometimes work if you know how to filter out all the bogus traffic.
    eLeavers might be awesome. But it probably isn't and will require a lot of tweaking to get it working.

    The other sites I mentioned (especially Bing) would be much easier to get going.
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    You should know that a low gravity product is not liked by people. so it is not a fault of eLeavers .

    I think you should choose product having highest gravity.
    then you can make huge sales. eleavers provide you targeted visitors and highest quality converting traffic.

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    You should choose Good gravity product from clickbank . Because good gravity products are
    more preferable . Also you can advertise your product
    link at advertising network like eLeavers .
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