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I started a new bing campaign last week
while I still had a lot of optimising work to do I had broken even
However I got a notice yesterday from Bing that my ad campaign had been suspended as a result of misleading and unverified claims on my landing page

I was direct linking and was considering sending the clicks to my own pre sell landing page first I dont know if that page will be any better in relation to quality

Anyone have any advice on what to do next how to meet the requirments or have had similar experiences with Bing
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  • It would help if you provide the landing page. But misleading and unrealistic claims is exactly what it sounds like: if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is and they don't want your to advertise using that kind of terminology. Common examples are make money online sites that say things similar to "make $1,432.76 in 10 days" and weight loss products with "lose 10 pounds by tomorrow".

    As you say you were direct linking, you obviously can't change the page yourself. Hopefully, your whole account is not suspended until you fix it as this is a common occurrence with Google and affiliate marketers.
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    I havent done anything with it since
    I dont want to get banned from bing so trying to figure out the best way forward
    I have designed a landing page the layout is done it just needs content I wanted to write a review or sales letter for the product but don't know how with out been in violations of the t&c of bing
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      The best suggestion is for you to call them. I had similar issues with my landing page (presell) and the vendors page and I spent over an hour on the phone with them going through all the issues.

      Once it was sorted out they activated my campaigns.

      But keep in mind if the vendor's page has problems then it wont matter if you presell. They review the outbound links from your site as well. So if the vendor has a video that cant be paused, or a popup when someone tries to leave the site, and there are no other pages for you to link to then you wont be able to promote their product through Bing.
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