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How are you all? Hope fine !

I want to know the pay per click rate for USA visitors in blogs/websites. Do you know the correct rate information for google adsense?

Thank You..
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    It's different for every niche. Check the keyword planner tool, enter your keywords and check the suggested bid. It's the closest you can get to an accurate data about this.
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  • For US, it's probably around $1 - $2 for most keywords.

    1) Depends on your niche
    2) Check the adwords keyword tool

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    It's depend on your keyword i am getting $1.5-$3 Per US click.
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    Hi, recently, I am also thinking about using Google Adsense. Can anyone tell me how to define keyword,and is there any keyword tool that I can use. Thanks.
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    I am getting about 0.23€

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      Originally Posted by iluvatoq View Post

      I am getting about 0.23€
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      Ooooh! Myyyy Godddd !!! You've earned 18,500+ euro from google adsense?
      You're really cool dear
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    Actually most of the US PPC get about $1 or more for US visitors. You can find more informations in google.
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    PPC rate for North America is higher ($1+) as compared to other areas. As everyone above stated, a lot depends on the niche you are in.
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