Where to advertise for good ROI?

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Adwords is expensive in my opinion. What are some good PPC alternatives that get a good ROI with most offers?
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    Hi AndrewAdamSmith,

    In most cases there are none better than AdWords.

    Advertisers set the price in most PPC programs. There are 2 sides to the equation, value per click vs. cost per click. The value per click on AdWords is usually much higher hence the higher cost per click.

    There is an invalid notion that we often see among new advertisers, the notion that a click has the same value, regardless of the network, or the keyword. That is simply not true, the values will differ within each segment of each network. If you simply look at the cost of the click, without considering the value per click then you will likely make some bad decisions.

    One of the reasons that click cost can be higher is based on Quality Scores. Instead of seeking a different PPC network, you might consider learning how to get better Quality Scores, in the process you will learn something that can be applied to all your marketing efforts, across all marketing channels.

    Having said that, you can sometimes find a keyword that has been overlooked by most competitors in one network, but not in another. So it is good to test all the major networks, like AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

    Generally speaking, AdWords isn't more expensive, it is more profitable. Higher cost per click doesn't necessarily mean "expensive", not if the clicks have much higher value per click. Don't judge the cost as "expensive" until you have both sides of the equation, cost vs. value.
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    I woud choose Bing over adwords, because it gives me slightly better ROI. Both networks provide free coupons to test your ads. Honestly, I've never used different PPC network than the two mentioned.
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    I think Adword is good.Perhaps you have some problem in beding so discuss about it with more experience people. BING is also good but as you know 67% people serching in google so its can give more ROI.
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    Yes, Adwords is best the only thing one need to consider is how to manage your campaign in low budget.
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      Originally Posted by annewilliams123 View Post

      Yes, Adwords is best the only thing one need to consider is how to manage your campaign in low budget.
      Hi annewilliams,

      With AdWords there is no minimum budget, nor minimum bids, It's perfect for someone on a small budget.

      Having said that, it is still challenging because AdWords campaigns, like all PPC platforms, is a competition among advertisers, so you still need to invest the time to learn PPC management and that is a fairly steep task for new advertisers. Learning the fundamentals of campaign optimization is crucial to making your campaigns profitable.

      To truly master PPC management in Adwords you will need to commit to many hours of learning. AdWords in particular has accelerated their pace of innovation, just during 2014 they added over 200 new features that PPC managers needed to learn to master.

      It has become challenging, even for full time PPC managers. For example, at our advertising agency we log 52 hours per month of PPC management training, per account manager, and each manager has gone through 3+ years of on the job training with our agency before becoming a PPC manager. It's the only way we can keep up with the rapidly changing craft of PPC management in today's marketplace.

      The days of set and forget campaign management is long past, you need to be a full time account manager to compete successfully. However, if you are in a micro niche, with little or no competition, you can still make a go of it on a part time basis, provided you learn the skills and best practices needed for success.
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    In terms of ROI, we are getting a 3:1 on BING, FB and ADWORDS

    It basically means for every $1 you spend, you get back $3 - after much testing, of course.

    I do not like adwords as much these days, due to strictness and bs skyrocketing prices.

    But BING and FB is where you should look. yes.
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  • I'm not going to comment on pdsl2015's issue with Don as I have no idea what that's about. Obviously a disgruntled client and every business gets them at times.

    What I can tell you is that, as far as PPC is concerned, Don knows what he's talking about and has been posting here at WF for a long time. I consider him one of the best and I should know as I'm in the same business. His answers are clear (expresses himself well and better than me) and correct. You can definitely trust and follow what he says about PPC.

    Back to the original question, the driving factor of good ROI will in most cases not depend on where you advertise. Your conversion rate should and will be similar no matter if you use Adwords, Bing or something else. It may be lower on Joe's Search Engine simply because few advertise there (why should they, it's an unknown engine with little traffic) so the cost of clicks will likely be lower thus reducing your ROI. But sales are going to be far and few. You need to consider your whole sales funnel from ads to clicks to checkout and try to improve at each point.
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    @dburk, you have great point. Its great to try out Adwords for better ROI. It all depends on you - what you want to achieve from your Adwords campaign. So set a goal, and work towards that.
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    I'd still go with Adwords and Facebook, mainly because most people use Google when searching for something and almost everyone have their Facebook accounts. If you want good exposure and you have a budget then go for websites that are popular.
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    ROI is the ratio of your net profit to your costs. It's typically the most important measurement for an advertiser because it's based on your specific advertising goals and shows the real effect your advertising efforts have on your business. The exact method you use to calculate ROI depends upon the goals of your campaign.
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    Adwords is expensive but you once you manage to get a +ROI you'll bank hard, so keep investing & split testing
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    If you want to succeed you should visit http://yutongo.com .It is best for your recomedations.Best of luck.
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  • Adwords it's not expensive. If you go with other platforms ou will be applying your same strategies and getting the same results.
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    According to me, Advertising agency through, you can get a good ROI. A few months ago, I hired an Adtrafficking(dot)net. This agency through I increased my traffic.
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    Facebook Ads is Good ROI
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    I am getting up to 500% ROI on Bing ads..you can even get coupon codes all over the place including FIVERR.
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    You all using custom landing pages for PPC ads, right?
    Any suggestions on how it must be done? What are more important there? Text? Design? Motivations? Pictures? Any working examples may be please? Just for learing purposes.
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    How come you don't like ad-words? Are you asking for enough money when you close your deals? Try looking at your pricing and getting more money per sale.

    If you're selling something for $50.00 per sale and you are trying to use PPC than you might want to consider more things you can get out of your customers.

    Such as:

    1. Private Coaching $50.00 per hour
    2. Training Courses
    3.Drop Shipping marked-up items

    That is just an example because I don't know much about what your doing but PPC works well if you find the right target. Are you getting your ad's in front of people who are looking for your services?

    Are you targeting the right people?
    Are you using popular keywords or are you using unique phrases?

    You need to really look at some courses online as I'm sure someone here can point you to.

    PPC works but you need to know what your doing before you get started.
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    I use Bing at the moment and i love it.
    They dont have a lot of traffic like Adwords but their traffic converts well if you know
    what your doing and their CPC is like 10x cheaper then Adwrods so its a great source for
    someone that wants to get started with PPC and does not have a big budget.
    Also i really like their support and being able to chat with someone 24/7, if i remember correctly you cant get that with Adwords or Facebook ads.
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      Adwords is the best solution to get good ROI. You can easily analyse how the campaigns are running and can make the changes. Successful campaigns depend on many criteria: the keywords you are using, the target location, the landing page, quality score of the keywords. It is not that expensive as you said, it depends on how you are running. Our clients have witnessed 82% increase in sales. Adwords can fetch you quality targeted leads.

      Other than Adwords you can go for Bing Ads. This too works similar to Adwords.
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