Will Google Let This Fly?

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I am interested in using a competitors name in my PPC targeting. I have done this before - effectively. I understand that you cannot use the name of your competitor in the ad text or link text in Google. With that said, in order for me to ACTUALLY CONVERT, I MUST use the name of my competitor on my landing page for the purposes of explaining myself.

My question is, will Google look at my landing page and approve / disapprove / give me a low quality score for my not actually being my competitor (obviously) but stating the name of my competitor on my page copy 7 times or so?

Thanks for your help!
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    Google wont give u any low QS or disapprove any pages based on you adding your competitor name on your landing page. QS is based not just on landing page but ad and Keyword relevancy. Generally the only way google may penalise you is if your AD is disapproved for a Trademark violation meaning you may need to use a generic AD. I hve had many good ads disapproved using competitor terms for TM but have started to use generic ads without any mention of the competitor and find they work well.

    What PPC niche are you in ?


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    Hope so...It will...flyyy
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      Google wont care if you have your competitor on your landing page. It does not violate their terms of service. Also, last time I checked you were allowed to have a competitor name in the display URL but the rules might have changed on that one.
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