How to Install Prosper202

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I gave these instructions to someone on the forum and that person will probably never go back to that post. I figure if it has this title, it will help someone who may be looking for this information, as opposed to having it hidden in some post.


First create a new subdomain. Allot that entire subdomain for Prosper202. It install very similar to Wordpress.

Then create a database and a user with my sql database wizard in cpanel. When create the database make sure that you give the user all privileges. Write down the name of the database, your database password and your user name for the database.

Go to file manager in cpanel and make sure that you're in the subdomain that you created for prosper202.

Go to the public html of that subdomain and upload the proper202 zip. The uncompress the prosper202 while in that directory. make sure that the files reside in the public html directory and not in a prosper202 subdirectory.

In the address bar type in, in which subdomain is the place where prosper 202 resides.

You will get the database installation prompts from prosper202

First you will get this screen

click on the create a prosper202 account and it will bring you to this screen

Click on the let's go part and you're going to use your database informaiton

And this is screen you're going to get greeted with. This is where you put all that database information that you collected earlier. When finished click submit on the bottom

This is the screen that comes up, click on run the install

You fill in your screen name information and whatever password you want to use. Then click on install prosper 202

After that you'll be brought to this screen with your name, your password and the url that you'll use to sign in with.

After you submit that url, you'll be brought to this screen, which will then bring you to the prosper202 program.

And that's it. Follow the prompts and you can start using prosper 202. Hope this helps.
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