how much will you spend to test out the traffic ?

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hello guys i have a campgain which has >5% Cr but i can manage to get my ROI , but not profits

yesterday i tested it out in new traffic source and they sent me huge traffic and i see that the offer had only one conversion. and i almost spent X7 times of offer payout but still i dont think i get good information about the traffic source . should i change the traffic source or landing pages

i would like to know how much do you spend to test out the traffic source before you scale ?

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    Personally I test with 300 to 500 clicks to get enough test data. How much I spend depends on the cost of the clicks of course.
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    Well there are a lot of factors to consider in this, however as Javisito said, once you get a reasonable amount of clicks and impressions you can start thinking on the whole campaign and see what is wrong and why don't you get conversions. It could be anything from the landing page, ad copy or even keyword relevance that could be affecting your conversion rate.

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    Set a budget that you're comfortable with and give it about a month to test.

    Remember that no campaign is perfect and you can't set it and forget it because things change. You will have to work on improving it - fine tune and research keywords. Delete keywords that don't work.
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    You will need a fair amount of data to make a optimising decision, were a outs are you getting your traffic?
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