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Hello Warriors,

i am thinking in promoting a fiverr gig using Adwords? Would this be possible?

How do you promote your fiverr gigs?

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    I think some people are already using Adwords to promote their gigs.

    13 tips: 13 Tips On How To Promote your Fiverr Gigs - Page 1 | Fiverr Forum
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    Yes, there are lots of gig owner that use Google ads to get their initial customers. I once used Adwords for my gig but no benefit. Instead of Adwords, Yahoo Answers is very good. I answered a lot of questions related to my gig and received a lot of orders. Find appropriate question, the one you can answer and don't spam.
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    Your idea is good!
    Promote fiverr gig with adwords and bing ads may bring you many orders. I saw a level 2 fiverr user using pinterest to promote her gigs. You can use other popular social networks too.
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    The only issue with paid advertising for a Fiverr gig is not being able to track your return. I hope Fiverr considers adding advanced metrics into their Seller Dashboard at some point...

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      Fiverr isn't in it to help people make money. They are only in it for themselves, and always will be. They have their heads way up their own buttocks. They will never offer analytics or anything to sellers that helps.

      Right now any second someone can create something better for sellers, and fiverr will be gone just like myspace when facebook took over. If someone started with a site that sellers "specific niche gig" first, just like facebook started small with only a few universities. They could eventually scale up and be the new "gig economy".

      If anyone has $40,000 laying around (for development, servers, and marketing) I'd like to help create something better than fiverr.

      I've helped 1723 businesses get more customers. If you want to be successful at your local, national, or international business visit

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    This is definitely possible, but as others have said, it's going to be tough to make much profit off your gig then. Unless it's something where people pretty much need to buy addons, this could be done but probably isn't worth the investment. Better off promoting through Twitter with hashtags..etc.
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  • If you want to promote your gig, you can use FB groups, Google+ pages, Twitter, and Instagram since all these are free.
    But if you are going to invest on promoting your gig in Fiverr...why not to list your services on your own website instead of promoting
    In fact, It would be better to promote your own website.
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      What a waste of time. You're only getting $4 profit from an organic customer anyway. Now you want to cut into that with PPC? Are you mad?! Let's say you have $1.50 CPC. That's only $2.50 left to cover your time/labor.

      Not to mention time/labor in managing your ads, split testing ads, split testing landing pages, and more.

      Good grief, you'd be better off working in McDonalds for a day...
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    Jay has a good point. You're going to put in a lot of work and the payoff is very low. If you are going to spend money on PPC, then at least use it to drive people to something more profitable than a fiverr gig.

    Have you purchased any WSO's on getting more traffic to your Fiverr gig? There are a few out there that have some good tips on getting your Fiverr gigs seen.
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    It is definitely possible to do this, but you would be much better off using adwords for something much more profitable and with a higher return on investment.

    If you are going to promote your fiverr gig outside of fiverr it is better to invest in traffic generating methods which don't require money.
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    It will be a good ideas to promote your fiverr gigs on Google adwords & Bing Ads You can also use Facebook ads for promoting yours Fivrr Gigs
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    Never thought about it..I am definately going to promote my gigs
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      Its definitely worth promoting your gig using Bing, as you can get free coupons. Bing still has 20% of the search engine market share in the USA. Not sure about other countries. For fiverr gigs it will depend on what your end customer value is. A lot of people end up spending way more than a fiverr, plus repeat orders, plus also your business can expand out into custom gigs.
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    if you want to take off on fiverr you have to invest some money on fiverr.
    let me give you some tips:
    *buy a video from fiverr with your fiverr account you wont believe how important a intro video is to promote your gig.
    *get some proxies and buy your own gigs leave 10 comments from each account if you have 10 fake accounts*10comments you get 100 reviews, its better than nothing also try to leave the reviews in random odrer 1st account 2 reviews that 2nd account 1 review again with 1st account one reviews you understand or better join some exchange groups, search for macbaren he just launched such kind of group or more better use both exchange + fake accounts.
    *get some traffic to your gig , adfly or i dont know heard that they are sending crap traffic these days , look for any better alternative.
    *use all 20 slots you have for gigs for maxium exposure for ex if 1 gigs says I will get you 1000 youtube views make another one I will get you 800 views 50 likes 50 comments or I will get you 1000FB likes make another one saying i will get you 800fanpage likes and 200 on one of your image etc etc.
    *In JV section i think someone is offering slots in his own account for 1$ fee, join him when uploading proof of your work upload also a txt file with some nice text and the links to your gigs in your own account.

    think outside of the box mate
    hope it helped
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