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How much would it cost to build a list of 6000 subscribers with paid advertising?
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    It costs about $1 per subscriber so around $6000 in advertising costs. But if you know what you're doing you can get some money back from affiliate offers around 20-50% so it may only cost $3000-5000.
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    It depends on if you use free traffic methods or paid as suggested in the post above.

    Typically, to build a highly targeted list fast, paid traffic (ppc, media buys, etc...) would likely be the fastest.

    But, you can offer a newsletter on a blog, write informative articles, create a signature on forums, etc... And essentially build your list for free.
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    If you want to build a quality buyers list it will be more expensive (you have to use only paid traffic like solo ads and PPC).If you plan to build a list only with free traffic methods,the traffic will be more junkie and the list will be full of freebie seekers ,not targeted buyers.
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    Why spend money when you can do it for free? 6,000 subscribers is really not enough to get excited about. Learn how to use free traffic methods to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.


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    Why aim for 6000?

    Just start taking action and see where it takes you? Someone saying it costs $1 per subscriber is arbitrary at best. One person spending $6k will have very differing results from someone else spending the same.

    Just start taking action
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    It is hard to say without knowing you experience on building lists and the niche you want to get in. You can build you list by doing Email Submit campaigns and you can do it by Adwords/Facebook/Bing, etc.

    Everything depends on your preference. I would say if you are smart you can easily get 6000 subscribers from $1000.

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    try This is the new Safe Swaps solo site which allows you to buy solo mailings easily and more importantly securely. Safe Swaps is now for ad swaps only so once you have built a responsive list you can do swaps with like minded individuals to build your list for free
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