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I've been trying to experiment with Bing ads for promoting clickbank but for unknown reasons beyond my understanding, Bing has been been disabling my account again and again.
I was direct-linking to the Clickbank product's page with my hop-link to see if the conversion is good or not but I get my ad account banned again and again.
Where am I doing wrong? Please guide.
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    What do YOU think you're doing wrong? If they're banning your account for direct linking to Clickbank offers, you might be doing something wrong, no? Why not try linking to your own website with your own terms of service and privacy policy and then collect their e-mail addresses.

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    Thanks for your reply. One quick question:
    1. Can I run bing ads to direct traffic to my website where I may iframe the clickbank product's page?
    If a user clicks through the ad and purchases the product, will it be counted as conversion for my affiliate link? Kindly guide.
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    Besides, If I link to my website, what will be the sales funnel?
    leading them to my website, pitch them a free-ebook related to that niche and then sell my clickbank product afterwards?
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      You are allowed to direct link to clickbank offers through Bing. There is nothing wrong with it. The problem can be with the landing page of the offer. You cannot have any pop ups on the landing page when someone tries to click on the back button. There are other restrictions.

      If you are having problems then simply give them a call. The Bing tech support sat on the phone for me going through all the issues with the landing page.

      If you direct link to a landing page that:
      1. Doesnt have a pop up when you click on the back button
      2. Doesnt have a video that cant be paused (video can play automatically but there needs to be the option to pause.)

      Then you should be fine. But call them if you are having problems.
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    The Bing Ban is a serious trouble not just for you but even for me and for many more i guess. It has got be banned for more than 4 - 5 times now and everytime i contact their customer support, they get it working after 24 - 48 hours. I guess the bing guys are making serious updates that is affecting not just the acoounts or the campaigns but sometimes it doesn't even log you in. Something automatic is triggering it.

    I'm just frstrated with bing though i get few conversions for the clickbank products, the overall downtime with is too high.
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    I am using Bing as well to promote Clickbank products and I have to admit that even if I had problems at first (as I was using the encrypted links) recently I switched to the good old affiliate link format ( and so far all my ads for every products have been accepted and have been doing quite well for some time now. Still of what I know from my previous experience their customer service is pretty good and they usually handle anything within 24h if you use chat or e-mail support.

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