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I have a vintage clothing website and I am bidding on Google for the keyword "Vintage T Shirts" with a link from the ad to a collection page that lists all my vintage t shirts. My ad score and expected click thru rate score are high, but my landing page score is 2/10.

No other competitor whose ads show up for these terms sells actual vintage clothing. Some don't even sell vintage STYLE clothing - yet they are likely beating me with quality score.

My landing page is EXACTLY what my keywords and ad would suggest - yet google hates it for people searching for "vintage t shirts" even though it is the only ad leading to actual vintage t shirts.

Does anyone have any idea what backwards criteria google is using to determine their landing page score?

I am guessing they want me to remove all of my 'vintage t shirt' products and replace them with gobs of text talking about vintage t shirts? What am I missing? I can't be any more targeted!
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    At the end there you mention to remove items and fill with text, don't remove the products but maybe add more useful text? You could ad something like a description / story about the style and such.

    Also, what is your pages load time like? If it's slow, that could be a factor. Google, nor people, like slow loading pages

    Lastly, my theory if all else fails is that the simple term Vintage Clothing could be too, broad. Google may be expecting things about (information) vintage clothing, hence the the quality score. Have you tried looking for other keywords to target, such as variations of things like, "Vintage Clothing for Sale" etc.
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    Did you find out what are the monthly searches for these keywords, if its very less that could be one of the issues.
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      Hi mrjosco,
      Landing page experience isn't solely about relevance to keyword and ad text, it also about usefulness, originality, transparency, trustworthiness, ease of navigation, page load speed and mobile device readiness.

      Here's what Google says:
      Landing page experience refers to how good we think someone's experience will be when they get to your landing page (the web page they end up on after clicking your ad). You can improve your landing page experience by:
      • providing relevant, useful, and original content,
      • promoting transparency and fostering trustworthiness on your site (for example, by explaining your products or services before asking visitors to fill out forms sharing their own information),
      • making it easy for customers to navigate your site (including on mobile sites), and
      • encouraging customers to spend time on your site (for example, by making sure your page loads quickly so people who click your ad don't give up and leave your site prematurely).
      Your landing page experience affects not only your Quality Score, but also your Ad Rank and advertising costs.
      Please read Understanding landing page experience to learn what criteria Google is using to evaluate your landing page experience.
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    I use a quality host and my load times haven't really shown to be an issue, based on my own anecdotal evidence and google analytics analysis.

    It is frustrating, but I realized - if Google is unhappy with my landing page as a 'paying' customer, then that means they are unhappy with my page in general. Which means I would never rank for the keyword I am targeting, organically, since Google disagrees with how relevant/good the experience is.

    Which, might seem like bad news - but is actually great news! I am getting direct feedback from Google on how they view my site. What a sweet deal.

    I will be making some changes and testing landing pages (and trying to learn from the landing pages of paid ads showing up first) to see if I can't get my quality score up, my pay per click down and - who knows, improve my overall SEO to boot.

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