Why haven't I made a sale? What Did I do wrong?

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Dear all,

My name is Chris I am new to internet marketing and I thought I would try Affiliate Marketing with Traffic from facebook ads.

What I did was thought of a twist I am trying to promote someones product from clickbank by link cloaking with forwarding from Godaddy and the traffic source is facebook.

I started by choosing a fitness niche for women, and purchased a domain from godaddy burnbellyfatwomen.com and created a facebook ad over with $40 spend to trail it.

I managed to drive 100 visitor to the URL over the 4 days 4 out of 100 visited the clickbank order form and none purchased. The traffic source was highly optimised for women over between the ages of 22 - 40 aswell and no sales.

Please help me so I can learn something.

Thank you.
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    Hi Chris,

    Analytics is your friend.

    Do more testing, 100 visits isn't enough data to learn very much. Even so you can look for segments in your data that show big differences and use that as a hint for what to do next.

    When you say:
    The traffic source was highly optimised for women over between the ages of 22 - 40 aswell and no sales.
    I thnik what you meant was that it was "targeted" to those demographics, right? The "optimization" process has yet to begin.

    You will likely need a bit more data before you can start the "optimization" process in earnest. For example, spilt your targeting into several demographic groups and measure the results separately for each segment. This will help you to determine the engagement levels for each individual segment, and ultimately the value per click in each individual segment. That is the data that you will use to "optimize" your campaign targeting.

    Also, consider building your own landing page, and referring users directly to the Clickbank orderform page for checkout, bypassing the merchant's offer page. This will provide you with much more analytical data about user engagement and help you in crafting high converting landing page content. There are other benefits to this method as well, like making sure your page is in compliance with ad platform policies, avoiding some of the affiliate id hijacking opportunities that might occur on the merchant's website, and opportunities for list building.

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      ^ What dburk said

      Facebook ads require extensive A/B testing to really understand all that is involved with the interests of your target demographics.

      Landing pages are probably more important on facebook than Adwords IMHO. Why? Consider that choosing the right keywords in Google means you are already targeting searchers that are "warmed up" or eager to buy (depending on your keywords of course). On Facebook, people are not searching for anything, you have to grab their attention and make them interested, then pre-sell them with points on your landing page, and then divert them to the offer. I have hardly ever made sales on Facebook when direct linking, it's a waste of time.

      Look at the following two scenarios:

      1) Jill meets all the demographics targeting that you think is relevant to your offer. She is reading her News Feed one day when she sees your ad "Lose belly fat with the #1 weight loss product in America - Take action now" (or whatever you're currently using as your ad text). Jill clicks the ad and is taken to a clickbank sales page.

      2) Jill is scrolling through her News Feed and sees your ad with the following text "Personal trainer shows you 3 tummy-fat burning exercises to lose 3 inches in 10 days - Watch now". Jill clicks the ad is taken to a landing page with a video, as well as bullet points saying why these exercises work. There is a value proposition suggesting that there are 10 more exercises included with "X Clickbank Product" with a 30-day guarantee, meal plan, etc, etc. Jill clicks the call-to-action and is taken to the clickbank product sales page.

      In which scenario do you think Jill is more likely to purchase?

      In scenario 2 we have created an interest in weight loss for Jill, given her positive reinforcement that clicking the link was a good idea (she has gotten value from our landing page), and now we are offering her more of that positive feeling by going to the sales page.

      I love PPC, particular Facebook PPC, so if you have any questions just shoot me a message here or get me on my blog Best of luck Chris
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    Thank you for your informative reponses.

    I will begin to create a landing page.
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    To add a bit to the responses above, not that there is much to add lol, I see you are targetting women between 22-40? Was that all the targetting you applied?

    If so then you need to do a hell of a lot more targetting.

    Say your CB product is about burning belly fat. Then you would target women who have interests in that area. However dont go for the obvious ones. Dont go for the well known ones. Go for the less obvious ones. You will get less results however they will be more targetted.
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    FB users are not online to buy somethink: are there to share contents, to chat, etc.
    If you want to sell on Facebook You need to create a sale funel where You have to drive, step by spet, users towards your offers. Before making a sale, a FB users need to receive from 3 to 7 or more followup email from YOu where you must show them You are a valuable man with a valuable offer.
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  • You need to create a list. Get suscribers first then send them emails with the product you promote.
    Do retargeting and it will work.
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