PPV and Paid Traffic?

by t0113k
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Hi all, does it work when I have a Website with PPV and buy some traffic, or will I get banned by PPV Network ?

(sorry 4 my english)
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    As long as you use quality web traffic from a reliable provider and you use reasonable amount of traffic I think that you will be safe. .
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  • You should be fine,

    I highly doubt any issues.

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    Can't see where there would be any issues. Provided its not traffic provided by dubious methods I would think you would be fine.

    If you are really worried about it ask your contact at the PPV network.
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    Hi, If you want to use PPV network, I hope you know how to use it, then always use an opt-in box attached to your website otherwise you might not see the result you are looking for. PPV traffic is normally used to generate leads rather than getting only visits to a website.
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    if the PPV traffic is from a reliable source, then there shouldn't be any problems
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    I don't see why would you have any problems.

    Best regards,


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    I've worked with LI, and Traffic Vance. I'm quite sure that whichever PPV network you choose to work it, wouldn't have any problems, with you buying quality traffic.
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    You shouldn't have any problems as long as the traffic is quality and not bot garbage. Just double check with the traffic provider.

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    I dont see anything wrong with this as long as you have a website that compliments the niche market. Make sure you have a squeeze page setup on your blog to get those leads in your database and then later market them offers related to their interests.

    PPV traffic is very cheap but like the above guy said it's better you have a website where your users can go and signup rather than directly linking an offer which will result in poor conversion rates.
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    According to my point of view PPV and FB ads is the best way to target your market, if you dont know how to do it i will train you just contact me
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