Facebook Ads doesn't want to start?

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Ok so I've been using facebook Ads for over a year now and I have never seen a problem like this.
I create a campaign and it gets approved in 15 minutes. I set it up to start at like 3 PM to 9PM for example.
When 3 PM comes the campaign is marked "Active" but nothing happens, no results what so ever. And then it ends at 9PM with no stats.

Anyone has this problem. I am using the same exact ad settings as before. But now it doesn't work.

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    maybe your target audience has very small number, try to turn on the mobile newsfeed ad, you will get some results. the desktop newsfeed ads is too competitive and not many impression anymore.
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    wait 2 days more
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    Maybe your audience is too small and very little part of it visits at that time. In addition, maybe cpc is higher at this time, so Facebook is not showing your ad because of a low bidding . You should check your audience one more time and experiment with bid size.
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    I already got this problem too... this problem is with facebook... if you check facebook communities you will see some guys with same problem..
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    MarkoMK it should be about your low targeted audience, i had the same issue months ago
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    How is 200 000 000 Small Audience
    And also
    Automatic cost, which means Facebook sets the cost.

    I even tried it with Page Likes, 0 Likes what so ever.
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    Yeah I've experience this as well. Sometimes it happens lol.
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