Bing Support Says 10k kwords per group. I got 29k

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Just got off a chat with with bing ppc rep who talked to his supervisor about why my ad is allowed to have 30k+ keywords when it should only allow 10k per ad group.

Before he wrote out a ticket to a superior, i told him to just leave it alone. He's that's fine, the system will detect it eventually.

I was just wondering if im getting most of my impressions from only 100 main keywords or so. Does this mean the other keywords(majority) are not playing a role in my results?

I have my max bid set to .10 cents on all keywords. I deleted several hundred keywords that were disapproved but still wasn't getting any traffic.

Then bing support suggested adding several keywords and about 2-3 days later, it's been shooting upwards with clicks. Maxing my budget pretty fast.

Cost a lot less than solo ads. that's for sure.
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    Bing lets you see impressions and clicks for every keyword. Just order keywords by clicks and you will see which keywords are performing best.
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    I've noticed the more the merrier when it comes to Bing PPC.

    Throw in a bunch, extract the ones that are getting clicks...

    And delete the rest.

    However, using 29K keywords...

    Certainly haven't seen that yet.
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