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As some of you know all of my posts have been about SEO.....

Until I watched a video on PPC; I am no stranger to ppc but I got to thinking, what if we could put in lower amounts in advertising and get back higher amounts (ROI) without having to wait for months for results doing just seo alone......

I am not into adwords but definitely would consider 7search; I have used it long ago years ago but was never a master at it;

I definitely know PPC would be definitely better than SEO but the risk is always losing money and not profiting if you dont get those purchases.....
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    I'm not sure as to your business model, so some of this may or may not apply to you precisely.

    PPC to an offer is not a business. It's an advertising campaign.

    A scenario like this is a business: PPC > squeeze page> your list> valuable content> a highly relevant offer.

    Yes, you can get your CPC down on your advertizing campaign through testing and tweaking. You can do it from 2 sides.
    1. The ad side: Getting better ads, ad scores, culling weak performers etc...
    2. The squeeze page side: testing headlines, colors, images, fonts etc...

    You lower your CPC on the ad side. Then by raising your opt in rate you effectively lower your cost per subscriber. This is essentially the same as lowering your CPC, but from the other side of the coin.

    Then when you monetize your list over and over you have effectively made your cost per sub a negative number and have a positive ROI.

    Develop a great relationship with your subs and you'll have a massive ROI that will pay you for years.

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    7Search is not a very good source of traffic in my experience. I've got it to work promoting a Clickbank product but I could not get consistent sales. I've lost more money pissing about with 7Search testing different products/niches than anywhere else.
    Bing Ads is much better as long as you switch off their search partners and only use Bing/Yahoo networks.
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    PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.
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    the risk is always losing money and not profiting if you dont get those purchases.....
    This tells me you are not confident that people will like and want your offer. Well, since you do SEO, what do the numbers there tell you? I presume you are getting traffic. You know your conversion rate. So use that number along with the expected costs of advertising and see if that gives you a positive ROI. If not, or if you want better results, you need to adjust the whole sales funnel, from ad to landing page.
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    Originally Posted by TAHERSYED34 View Post

    what if we could put in lower amounts in advertising and get back higher amounts (ROI) without having to wait for months for results doing just seo alone......
    That's why Bing PPC is so darn-good...

    As what I quoted from you above perfectly explains how it is.

    (or at least how it has been working for me)
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    I am a BIG microsoft fan!

    Key as with any ppc platform is to create adgroups around small sets of keywords and write your ads with the main keyword. That will get people to click on your ad. Make sure your ads are relevant to your landing page.

    You want to shoot for at least a 2% conversion rate but if you do it correctly you will usually find its much, much higher.

    The WRONG way to do ppc is just through a bunch of keywords into one adgroup and create one ad. you can expect your conversion rate to be less than a half of percent with this method resulting in paying much higher cost per click fees.
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    PPC is for those publishers, as same way CPC is for advertiser. It is indeed good way to monetize your app, network and brand. Compared with CPM, CPI, CPC ad payment method is much easy to track and postback.
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    some very good tips in here. For the right person, with no experience could be making $100 a day with out much work at all.

    Its all about targeting for me, having your keywords, match your ads, copy and landing page copy to keep a HIGH CTR% when you do that, your CPC can dive very quickly!! Which is going to save you lots in the end.

    There was a warrior the other day that said $2 a subscriber was not that bad, because his conversion rates are high. But on BING you can get high quality subscribers for about $0.20 cents if you do your job properly. The Math there is so every 100 subscribers is only $20 USD. Pretty good. Sometimes less, sometimes more but it depends on how hard you are willing to work. And its all about testing, till your ass is numb. LOL.
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