Site Structure for Affiliate Site using Paid Traffic?

by kumar
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Hi Guys,

I am planning to build a site to promote certain offers (affiliate offers mostly) in a niche
and would mostly be using paid traffic to attract visitors.

What kind of site structure or site design should I use? I understand with a SEO focused site,
you'd have to create a lot of content but for PPC or Media buys etc?

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    Originally Posted by kumar View Post

    What kind of site structure or site design should I use?
    If you are doing CPA or Lead Generation, stick to a very minimal site layout including your usual footer and legal pages like disclaimer, privacy, terms and contact us. Those are generally required if you are buying traffic from Google for instance and they also add credibility for the consumer which means a boost in conversion rate.

    But stick to something very basic and don't provide too much information - you simply want the customer to sign up, buy or apply for an online quote ... or go somewhere else. The type of traffic you buy combined with your ads and your site's conversion rate will be your main priorities ... including CTR of course if you are buying mainly PPC traffic.

    But site layout when buying traffic isn't like SEO where you need to include meta tags, keyword density and add certain information pages. Those are all not required. What you will instead need to focus on is your site's conversion rate ... and based on my experience a small and simple site tends to convert best.

    Hope that helps
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      That was extremely helpful, Nick. Thank you very much.

      I am inclined mostly towards CPS offers, so does your advice on the above remain the same?
      A few pages of content on topic, with a squeeze page and product reviews?

      Also, doesn't Adwords dislike affiliate sites with very thin content? If it does, what would be
      my best traffic sources?

      Thanks again.

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    Hey Kumar,

    I'd avoid google when starting out.

    They can be pretty expensive, and they're a little more advanced.

    Try sticking to Bing.

    I don't think they'll allow just straight up affiliate websites, and I don't know if they allow capture pages anymore. A little while back they allowed them, but if you didn't have the privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer, or contact into then they wouldn't send you traffic.

    They also would'nt let you know why unless you contacted them.

    I would recommend talking to their support if you setup an account & find out what they allow. They're really good at helping people out.
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