Tracking Bing Conversions from Presell Page to my Own Clickbank Product

by tbone3
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I own a clickbank product and want to tracking conversion from Bing traffic.

I will be sending traffic to a presell page first. Then on the presell page, it will have a link to my clickbank sales page.

I want to know how I can, or if I can, track and see the sales conversions on the Bing interface?

I will be getting CPVLab in a few months, but for right now I want to know how to track this via using a PHP/Javascript Script and passing the variable.

Is it possible to somehow set this up so that I can see the conversions on the Bing interface? If not, what are my options for tracking sales at the keyword level? (Besides getting CPVLab).

Also, I have put the Bing conversion tracking pixel on my clickbank product's thank you page.
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