How can I use Google Adword for CPA/Affiliate marketing

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I have recently started Google Adword and aiming for their examination, For testing purpose I want to use CPA link, but I come to know that I can't use affiliate link with Adword.

Can any one suggest me how to use affiliate links in adword, as I have heard that people are doing it and very successful with this.

Kindly guide me.
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    I thought that Google Adwords restrict Affiliate Marketing.
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  • You can direct link your ads to your affiliate's landing page, as long as that page follows all Adwords policies. Your affiliate page is no different than if you create your own as far as they are concerned. If the affiliate later changes the page that makes it violate the policies, then you have a problem so best to use Adwords this way with a good neighbor affiliate.

    If you create your own page, you can't make it so that it is a bridge page to the affiliate. A bridge page in simple terms is one where you link to the affiliate's offer page. Nobody wants to be on your page and click to another sales page for the same product. And of course, your page must follow all other policies.
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    The problem with affiliates is that if the merchant is banned, then the affiliate is banned as well. Unlike the merchant, affiliates cannot fix any problems that could lead to the ban lifted. In many cases, it is not obvious why the merchant is banned. In general, physical products are OK and so are well known software products. It is very risky to promote Clickbank products and CPA offers.

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    Thanks for suggestions, that means I can not use squeeze pages but then is there any example of sites which can use for Adwords. It would be great help, because I want to see how actually it works.
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    I've never dared trying to run affiliate links on Adwords, BUT I did manage to get most of my CPA offers through Adwords for video (Youtube ads). If you're feeling like creating videos, you can definitely exploit this route.
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