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Hey guys im just getting into CPA/PPC, but I've had bad luck getting accepted into a network any suggestion for maybe a smaller network that will pay on time yet still accept newbies??
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    Hey WinZoar,

    What do you mean a network? A place to learn PPC? I will say go find some G+ communities. Usually they don't refuse any person and there are many experts answering members questions.
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    Well, Google Adsense definitely accepts newbies. Just submit a site that doesn't look like a newbie site - have at least some quality content and make it look non-spammy.
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    You can get accepted to Google Adsense easily as long as your site's content is well put together
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    Do you mean you need to promote your brand at ad network by PPC? Google adsence is OK. And you can search some website related to your business. In app Advertising |App Monetization |App Promotion and buysalead.com, I know it is ad agency, you can check more details if you need.
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    Getting into google adsense ios fairly easy as others have pointed out, not sure I understand your question completely though..
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    Peerfly worked best for me, and they have great support. Maxbounty is known for accepting newbies.
    To be honest, it's going to be hard to get accepted if you're located in the middle east or africa. That's just the way it is.
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    what do you mean by network
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    MaxBounty does indeed accept newbies. Have you already tried applying and were rejected? Have any of the other networks told you the reason why you were rejected? Perhaps you just need to gain more knowledge on CPA marketing and how you plan to promote offers.

    Take your time and look around forums like this one and just soak up as much knowledge as you can. You'll thank yourself later. Don't get discouraged that you were rejected. As long as you're honest and do indeed have that foundational knowledge, you'll eventually get approved somewhere and begin your (hopefully) long career (again, hopefully) in affiliate marketing.

    Good luck!
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