why peoples adword or fb account gets banned?

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i have a seriously dumb question.

i know if someone make unusual clicks on their adsense account their account will get banned.

but i wanted to know if someone is paying google or fb for putting their ads ,why their accounts are getting banned, can some one explain.

i did a google search it says it may happen due to violating rule, but dont they review ads before publishing.
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    Typically you get banned when you try to advertise things that they don't like. For Adwords that is a long list of things they don't like. When you hear of people getting banned, typically they ran offers that were not allowed. Sometimes those people use cloaking software too to show the PPC engine one thing but redirect the user to a completely different page.

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  • That's the short and the long of it: they violate one or more (Adwords) policy.

    It's not just about the ads, there's a lot of other things about the policies that have nothing to do with the ads themselves.

    Let's also be clear on terms here. Ads can be rejected for many reasons. But that doesn't get you banned. Banning is serious and means you've been a very bad person. Opening multiple accounts for example for promoting the same product and try to have multiple ads at the same time. Google like all of us don't like to be robbed. But if you put a trademark in your ad, a policy violation, that ad simply won't get shown, not your whole account banned.

    In my experience, those who get banned are those who have not read the policies or if they did, do not understand them. Those are the same ones saying they got banned for no good reason or the reason makes no sense and hate Google for it.
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    there can be many reasons some of them are

    Payment issues
    Affiliate links and marketing
    credit card already affiliated with other accounts
    Bad campaign or low quality
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    Violations is mainly why accounts get banned
    so read the policy carefully because once they give you the "ban hammer"
    its extremely difficult to get back on there
    there good traffic sources so you really don't want that

    P.s No Such Thing As A Dumb Question
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      Hi neteater,

      The only reason you will ever have your AdWords account suspended is for multiple repeated violations of policies, or for one or more really egregious violation. Your account is never banned, only suspended. AdWords does on occasion ban advertisers (people) from ever using the service, but only for egregious violations of policy.

      So, as long as you never commit what AdWords considers an egregious policy violation you will not be banned, but you will have your account suspended if you have repeated policy violations. You will need to correct those violations and request a review of your account to have your account suspension lifted.
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